Rob Guiver and Mark Cheetham take a win each at Brands Hatch as Wainwright moves 6 points clear in the Ducati TriOptions Cup championship

Race 1 – Saturday 14th April
Guiver and Cheetham take a win each at Brands Hatch in the Ducati TriOptions Cup 1Local racer Rob Guiver (Ducati Romford / Hyside Racing) returned to the scene of last year’s horror crash at Brands to take a hat-trick of pole, fastest lap and a Race 1 win.

Josh Wainwright (Boast Plumbing) got a great start from 2nd on the grid to take the early lead, before being passed by Sean Neary (Zoek Racing Team) and Guiver.

On Lap 5 Guiver passed Neary for the lead into Druids and looked determined to take the win from that point onwards, going on to post the fastest lap of the race with a time of 47.947s around the Indy circuit.

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Guiver took the win with a lead of over 3 seconds of Neary, with Wainwright claiming the final podium position.

Rob Guiver (Ducati Romford / Hyside Racing #13) – 1st
“I’ve had one of these weekends. I had a crash Friday morning, just got the bike sorted and managed to get pole which was a bonus. After I got past the two warm up laps I was sitting on the grid and I thought, yeah, I’ve got a good chance here. Thought I’d take my time and see what the other riders were doing. There was not a lot of grip at all out there so I was just trying to ride for what grip I had. Well pleased, a big thanks to all the team.”

Sean Neary (Zoek Racing Team #10) – 2nd
“I wanted to win but it wasn’t to be. We’ve got to find a bit of edge grip. We’ve got a few issues but you know I rode as hard as I could to bring it home really. But fair play, Rob set a really good pace and he was inch perfect. So, I would have had to risked a lot to stay with him. But you can’t begrudge him after everything that he’s been through. Thanks to the Zoek Racing Team and we’ll keep chipping away.”

Josh Wainwright (Boast Plumbing #26) – 3rd
“I got a good start. It’s what I’ve been practising in over the weekend. But first lap out of Clearways and I was out the seat, false neutral, and the boys just pounced so fast I didn’t know which way they went. So, I just tried to be consistent behind them but I just had nothing left. I just raced the pitboard, raced the boys and brung it home for the team and just put it on the podium and was really happy with that.”

Race 2 – Sunday 15th April
Race 1 winner Guiver lined up on pole alongside Neary but it was Wainwright who got the jump from 3rd at the start of a wet Race 2 to briefly lead ahead of Highsparks Motorsport teammates Mark Cheetham and Phil Atkinson.

Cheetham managed to make his way to the front on the opening lap only to have a big moment coming out of Clarke Curve which saw him drop to 4th. Both Neary and Lewis Rollo (Highsparks Motorsports) led briefly. But Cheetham was quick to climb back up the field, retaking the lead from Rollo on Lap 6, before going on to start to gap the chasing riders behind him.

Boast Plumbing’s Wainwright denied Highsparks Motorsport a 1-2-3 victory when he passed Atkinson and then Rollo in the latter stages of the race.

Cheetham won with an advantage of 2.5seconds over Wainwright, with Rollo a further half second behind.

Cheetham’s 25-point win makes up for his DNF during yesterday’s Race 1, but it’s Wainwright who leaves Brands Hatch at the top of the Ducati Cup championship with 65 points.

Mark Cheetham (Highsparks Motorsport #21) – 1st
“I thought there was more grip than what there was on the first lap, came round Clearways and once you get the camber you should be able to give it full throttle. She wasn’t having it, handstands, two massive side to sides. I thought that’s as close as you get to crashing without actually crashing. But it made me mad. I thought I’m not going to let it beat me. I just got me head down again, had a good battle. And when I got the lead I thought they were going to come with me. Kept trying to see my pitboard but I can never make it out. So, I had a look back towards the end and I couldn’t see anyone and I thought, no way, I’ve done it again!

It took all me concentration that time, I’m shattered from that. It was sketchy to say the least. But can I just say a massive thanks to Highsparks for brilliant team work again, getting the right tyres on. It’s stress free, it’s all done professionally and it makes my job a lot easier. And a massive thanks to Held for the new leathers, even though I scuffed them yesterday.

So, if I’d have settled for that fourth yesterday I would have had a good lead in the championship now. I just trailed the brake to hard. You roll the dice sometimes and you find the limit of your front tyre. And you need a little reminder that they’re not indestructible. But, I’m well happy.”

Josh Wainwright (Boast Plumbing #26) – 2nd
“We didn’t need that rain to come down at the beginning, just literally before our race. We had no drop wet set-up at all but luckily enough I had Andy at Öhlins come round and wave his magic wand at the bike and away we went. Sketchy in the first couple of laps. Just wanted to get a good start to the race like yesterday, see if anyone could come past me and then just tag on and wait for the grip to come to me. Towards the end of the race I could see it drying out a little bit so thought push just that little bit more, don’t let them get away and just be a bit more aggressive. I wanted a podium at Brands. Wanted a win, but Mark was well gone, well-played boys.”

Lewis Rollo (Highsparks Motorsport #88) – 3rd
“Started 8th from the grid but that was better than yesterday. And we know we’re strong in the wet, we ran at the front at Donnington and that never ended well but I knew I could do it. We just keep pushing on, made changes from Donnington and we just kept going. Got to lead the race but I knew Mark was on us, so he passed me. And then I was trying to watch my pitboard but I just kept pushing to try and get a gap. I kept making mistakes and then Josh caught me. So, I had to settle for third but it was still a mega result, finishing the weekend with a podium and we’ll move onto the next round.”