MCE British Superbike Championship title heavyweights Leon Haslam and Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne shared the victories in a dramatic third round of the season at Oulton Park.

Championship leader Haslam had taken the initial advantage with victory in race one, but whilst chasing his Be Wiser Ducati rival he had a huge crash in the second race after a collision with James Ellison.
Byrne had set the pole position but in race one Haslam hit the front of the pack from the start of the race with the five-time champion and Mossey hounding him throughout the race.

The ‘Pocket Rocket’ had been fending off Byrne and Mossey throughout the race and managed to hold them off to the line, but behind the leading trio the chasing freight train of riders were embroiled in an incredible scrap for fourth position.

On the final lap the Honda Racing team emerged ahead in the battle for fourth as O’Halloran made a last lap move on Peter Hickman to claim the position at the line. McAMS Yamaha’s Ellison completed a strong race to move through the order to be in the fight for fourth at the end of the race, finishing in sixth place, pushing Josh Brookes to seventh in the closing stages.

Christian Iddon was the leading BMW in eighth place as he managed to get the better of Glenn Irwin; the Be Wiser Ducati rider had earlier saved a huge moment whilst battling for fourth place. Jake Dixon completed the top ten for RAF Reserves Kawasaki.

The battle for the Podium Points swung back in the favour of Byrne in race two as the defending champion claimed his first win of the season at Oulton Park, as Haslam dramatically crashed out after clipping Ellison, who suffered a technical issue.

Haslam had hit the front of the pack from O’Halloran, Ellison and Byrne on the opening lap, but the Honda Racing rider was on the attack and he moved into the lead on the second lap, but it was short lived as Ellison then had his spell at the front.

The race was over prematurely for Dixon as he crashed out on the third lap unhurt, but at the front Byrne was closing in on Ellison and on the sixth lap he made his move on the run into Shell Oils corner.

Meanwhile Michael Laverty on the second McAMS Yamaha retired from the race just a lap later.
At the front Byrne had snatched the lead from Ellison, but behind the JG Speedfit Kawasakis of Haslam and Mossey were trading blows with O’Halloran, with the trio switching positions consistently over the following laps.

Iddon, Brookes, Irwin and Hickman were then all involved in the battle for the podium spots too, but in second Ellison was coming under fire from Haslam. The championship leader first tried to make a move at Shell, but ran wide and then had to begin a fight back.

However it ended in disaster for the JG Speedfit Kawasaki rider when he clipped the back of Ellison on the 14th lap when his McAMS Yamaha suddenly slowed. Haslam was down and out of the race and the damage consequently sidelined Ellison too, leaving Byrne to continue edging an advantage at the front of the pack to return to the top step.

A frantic battle then ensued for the final podium place with a five-way scrap for the final podium position. Iddon was bumped down to fourth over the closing laps as Irwin and O’Halloran pushed into the top three.

Mossey was fifth at the chequered flag as he held off Brookes on the Anvil Hire TAG Yamaha and Smiths Racing BMW’s Hickman. Tommy Bridewell, John Hopkins and Billy McConnell completed the top ten.

MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship, Oulton Park, Race one result:

  1. Leon Haslam (JG Speedfit Kawasaki)
  2. Shane Byrne (Be Wiser Ducati) +2.632s
  3. Luke Mossey (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) +5.169s
  4. Jason O’Halloran (Honda Racing) +9.271s
  5. Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing BMW) +9.343s
  6. James Ellison (McAMS Yamaha) +9.501s
  7. Josh Brookes (Anvil Hire TAG Yamaha) +10.264s
  8. Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW) +10.416s
  9. Glenn Irwin (Be Wiser Ducati) +11.304s
  10. Jake Dixon (RAF Reserves Kawasaki) +11.688s

MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship, Oulton Park, Race two result:

  1. Shane Byrne (Be Wiser Ducati)
  2. Glenn Irwin (Be Wiser Ducati) +5.218s
  3. Jason O’Halloran (Honda Racing) +5.309s
  4. Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW) +5.574s
  5. Luke Mossey (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) +5.881s
  6. Josh Brookes (Anvil Hire TAG Yamaha) +6.025s
  7. Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing BMW) +19.130s
  8. Tommy Bridewell (Team WD-40 Kawasaki) +19.130s
  9. John Hopkins (Moto Rapido Ducati) +20.293s
  10. Billy McConnell (Quattro Plant FS-3 Kawasaki) +20.431s

MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship standings after Oulton Park:

  1. Leon Haslam (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) 111
  2. Luke Mossey (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) 108
  3. Christian Iddon (Tyco BMW) 86
  4. Josh Brookes (Anvil Hire TAG Yamaha) 67
  5. Glenn Irwin (Be Wiser Ducati) 63
  6. Jason O’Halloran (Honda Racing) 61

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Leon Haslam
JG Speedfit Kawasaki
MCE BSB race one winner

“We always have a theoretical game plan and we had been working all weekend to make the tyre work over trace distance. I had a good start in race one and then at the end I pushed on a little more and we had those few tenths so that was nice as it wasn’t an easy job!

“Race two was definitely not the best way to finish the day! We had a big crash as James Ellison’s bike cut out at about 160mph right in front of me so I ended up going over the handlebars and luckily I am ok, but disappointed.

“We had the fastest lap of the race and was closing on Shakey, so frustrated as I felt like we could have challenged for another win there but that is racing. I just need to thank the team for all their hard work this weekend.”

Shane Byrne
Be Wiser Ducati
MCE BSB race two winner

“The first race was a bit frustrating. I knew that I could run at the pace that I managed in race two but for some reason towards the end of race one we started having some problems which meant I couldn’t take it to Leon. But the way things have gone so far this season it was important to take that second place, take those 20 points and podium points rather than being upside down trying to race Leon.

“Race two was a different scenario, I felt really comfortable and got to the front and got into the rhythm and a pace I knew I could run. Once I got out in front I just concentrated on hitting my markers and bringing it home.”