OptiMate’s range of battery monitors provide an instant check of the charge in a motorcycle battery and will also confirm if the vehicle charging system is working correctly.

Their plug-and-play design avoids the need to remove seats or bodywork to attach a voltmeter, making them simple to attach and remove as required. OptiMate offers a choice of monitors that can be permanently connected to the battery, plugged into an SAE connector on bikes already fitted with battery charge leads or plugged into a 12V socket on the motorcycle.

Once attached, the battery’s charge level can be seen at-a-glance, on an easy-to-read LED display panel. The monitor also shows if the bike’s charging system is delivering the correct voltage while the bike is running too – ideal for a quick check before the morning commute, when touring or when the bike is parked/stored without the option to connect to an OptiMate charger.

Unlike app-based monitors, OptiMate Battery Monitors don’t rely on third party applications or devices, and draw almost zero power from the bike’s battery, (long term draw is less than 0.2mA).

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Charging the battery or drawing power is also easy, because all OptiMate Monitors have an SAE port that can be connected to a battery charger lead. The port has a weatherproof cap to seal out water when not in use. OptiMate Monitors are available with different connection options:

  • O-124 come with M6 (1/4″) ringlets and 15 Amp protective fuse, for permanent connection to the battery (£20.99 inc VAT)
  • O-125 is the ‘plug and play’ SAE connector version, great for dealers or riders with multiple vehicles fitted with battery charge leads (£19.00 inc VAT)
  • O-126 connects to an always live 12V auto-cigar socket (£21.99 inc VAT)
  • The O-127 is the model for lithium batteries, with M6 (1/4″) ring terminals for permanent fitment to the battery. It has the added function of warning if /when the vehicle’s charge voltage is charging above 14.6V, which can damage lithium batteries (£20.99 inc VAT)

OptiMate battery monitors come with a 3-year limited warranty.

For details of the complete range of battery optimisers, monitors, USB connectors and accessories visit www.tecmate.com.

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