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White Stripes from Wunderlich

White Stripes from Wunderlich 1Wunderlich ‘s new Tank Stripe Kit is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add a retro touch to the R nineT. 

Reminiscent of the pin-striping on the BMW tanks of the late 1970s/early ’80s , the kit helps to emphasise the classic lines of the R nineT, and adds a dash of subtle personalisation, without the need for costly custom paint work.

The stripes are made from high quality, weather and UV-resistant material, which will not deteriorate or fade with time.

It is self-adhesive, so there are no messy glues or solutions to worry about, and the pack comes with clear instructions and markings to make fitting a doddle.

Once on, the special adhesive holds the stripes firmly in place; no special treatments are required to look after it – simply wash your machine in the normal way.

The Kit comes in classic pure white, to complement the R nineT’s black tank, and costs £69 including VAT. It’s available from the exclusive UK distributor for Wunderlich:

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