10ten Joins The Electric MovementThe popular range of 10TEN motocross and pit bikes has been joined by the all-new 10TENMX-E, the first fully-electric model in the brand’s expanding line-up.

Available now, the MX-E ticks all the boxes for those novice riders keen to get aboard a powered two-wheeler, but without having to worry about getting to grips with operating a gear and clutch, or touching moving or hot parts.

The MX-E has two power settings, which means an adult can supervise the early stages of the learning-to-ride cycle and restrict the power output. When the rider becomes more confident, the power can be increased and controlled by the operator. The quiet delivery of battery-power not only allows the young rider to develop riding without disturbing the locals, the lack of noise also lets the wannabe dirt-rider concentrate on balance and other riding skills without distractions.

The MX-E has a removable lithium battery, which allows it to be taken off to charge. This serves as both a security measure – it cannot be ridden away – and a convenience factor, as it can be fully charged in four to six hours, and a spare can be kept ready to fit when out and about having fun.

10TEN motorcycles has an expansive range of Pit, Supermoto and Dirt bikes spanning the engine capacities from 50cc for youth riders, through to 250cc for adult competitors. The launch of its first electric model sees 10TEN embracing new technology and ready to further develop its cutting-edge portfolio of motorcycles.

With a recommended price point of under £1000 including VAT, the assurance of a major, well-established distributor, a six-months parts and labour warranty and a full spares back-up service, this is a machine that embodies the meaning of ‘get on and go’.

Motor: ZS SDM Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor
Rated Voltage VDC: 48V
Rated Power: 500W
Rated Speed (RPM): 3100RPM
Output Max Power: 1000W
Max Torque: 10N.m
Top Speed: 45km/h
Sprocket: Front 13T/Rear 52T
Chain: 415 CHOHO
Battery: 48V 7.5Ah 360WH
Controller: FOC 17A Top Current Limited
Charger: 48V 2A
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Display: LCD Battery Capacity Indicator
Frame: 30×20 Oval Flat Tube Welding, Steel
Handlebar: 22.2mm alloy 600 width
Seat: Vacuum Bubble Cushion, 595mm height
Dimension L x W x H: 1210 x 600 x 805
Wheelbase: 810mm
Front/Rear Brakes: Disc Brake 160 mm/160 mm
Front/Rear Rims: 1.40 x 10’/1.40 x 10’ Aluminium
Front/Rear Tyres: 2.50 x 10’/2.50 x 10’
Net Weight: 32kg

Available: Now

SRP: £999.00 including VAT

For model information and to find your nearest stockist visit www.dualways.com or call Dualways on 01623 708 607.

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