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2018 Yamaha Sport ScootersOver 600,000 MAX scooters sold…and counting

Yamaha Sport scooters: MAX performance, comfort, and style

With over 600,000 sales since their launch, the MAX family of Sport scooters is Yamaha’s most successful range of models in the powered two-wheel market.

It all started back at the turn of the millennium when Yamaha created a whole new maxi scooter class with the first generation TMAX, and the MAX family has grown to include the recently upgraded XMAX 300, as well as the highly successful XMAX 400 and XMAX 125 models.

For 2018 Yamaha have succeeded in enhancing and upgrading the already excellent XMAX 300. This popular model now comes with the highest levels of fit and finishing that perfectly align it with the rest of the MAX family of premium Sport scooters.

2018 XMAX 300

Desire what you need
The recently introduced XMAX 300 will be supplied with an even higher quality finish that reconfirms its premium status. For 2018, Yamaha have focused attention on enhancing the overall quality of a number of specific components by refining various manufacturing processes, and XMAX 300 customers will experience an ever higher level of quality.
Yamaha believes that every customer is entitled to experience the very best when it comes to the XMAX range, because, as we say, “The MAX is never enough”.

New premium quality seat
The 2018 XMAX 300 is equipped with a new premium quality seat that matches the more refined finish seen throughout this sport scooter. An independent rider’s backrest gives good support for increased comfort, and the new two-tone finish and high quality detailing – including new emblems – make the latest XMAX 300 an even more attractive model that will inspire pride of ownership.

New white-on-black LCD instrument panel
The new-for-2018 instruments feature a black background with white numerals for the tachometer and speedometer, giving a clear, classy and easy to read display. Additional information is shown in the centre section, to keep the XMAX 300 rider informed at all times.

Powerful and efficient 300cc Blue Core engine
The XMAX’s 300cc new engine was designed by using Yamaha’s advanced Blue Core technology, whose fundamental aim is to achieve more power using less fuel. By analysing every aspect of the 4-stroke engine’s operation, including its fuel injection system, Yamaha engineers have been able to reduce power losses as well as increase fuel efficiency and achieve higher levels of performance.

Dynamic MAX design
The face of the XMAX 300 features dual slanted LED headlights with a central light that gives this sport scooter a strong and purposeful appearance and underline the model’s close family links with the TMAX. Running either side of the central tunnel, the characteristic ‘MAX family’ boomerang provides a strong visual link between the front and rear wheels – while the sharply upswept lines of the rear bodywork and taillight section emphasise the strong influence of the pure TMAX DNA.

Motorcycle type forks
The TMAX was the first high performance maxi scooter to use motorcycle style front forks, and the XMAX 300 is also equipped with a double clamp telescopic fork and twin rear shocks to ensure sporty motorcycle-like handling together with good high-speed stability.

Traction Control System (TCS)
The fitment of a Traction Control System (TCS) as standard underlines the advanced specification of this Sport Scooter. Using a number of sensors that temporarily reduce drive to the rear wheel when any loss of traction is detected, this electronic system provides rider confidence in wet or slippery conditions.

‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition
The latest technology is being used in the construction of the premium specification XMAX 300, including a Smart Key keyless ignition. Not only does it mean you don’t have to waste time trying to find which pocket you’ve put your keys in – this convenient system also shows how the MAX family of sport scooters is leading the way in terms of design and technology.

Full LED triple headlights and LED taillight
The XMAX 300’s high-tech looks with dynamic full LED twin-eye headlights give this sport scooter a modern and distinguished face that gets noticed wherever you go. Both headlights are illuminated on low beam, and the third central light also comes on when the high beam is switched on, giving the XMAX 300 a unique appearance. At the rear end the wraparound taillight also features LED bulbs as well as a new LED guide light, making the XMAX 300 highly visible to other road users, day and night.

Storage space for 2 full-face helmets – or a laptop plus more
XMAX 300 riders can be sure that this premium sport scooter has been designed to offer the highest levels of day-to-day functionality. Beneath the comfy dual seat is one of the largest storage compartments in its class, capable of holding 2 full-face helmets and more. Its extra wide dimensions can also accommodate a laptop or weekend bag – besides the helmets -making this an ideal weekday commuter as well as a most exciting weekend leisure vehicle.

Multi-function instruments with switch control & 12V outlet
The instrument panel features an analogue speedometer and tachometer giving clear and easy to understand information, and the large central LCD multi-function display makes all information easy to see.

For quick operation there’s a control switch on the handlebars that allows you to switch between functions while riding, without taking your hand off the handlebars – and to charge or power various devices, the XMAX 300 is equipped with a convenient 12V outlet located in the left glove-box.

15-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels for sports handling
The XMAX 300’s chassis has been developed to give a sporty ride together with lightweight agility. The choice of wheel and tyre sizes play a significant part in shaping any scooter’s handling characteristics and in order to achieve dynamic sports performance together with easy manoeuvrability in town, this sport 300 is equipped with a 15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear. Braking power is supplied by a 267mm front disc and a 240mm rear disc, and ABS is fitted as standard.

XMAX 125 and XMAX 400 also available
In addition to the XMAX 300, the XMAX family of Sport Scooters also includes the XMAX 400 and XMAX 125. Each XMAX is manufactured to the same premium quality and high specification, and offers sports performance together with a high-class finish and stylish design.

XMAX Key Features

  • Powerful and efficient engines, 125, 300 or 400cc
  • TMAX inspired chassis and sporty riding position
  • Premium quality and high-class finish with MAX family DNA
  • Motorcycle style dual clamp front forks
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system
  • 15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear for good stability
  • Twin-eye LED headlights with third LED high beam light
  • LED taillight with guide light
  • Huge underseat storage compartment for two full-face helmets and more
  • Multi-function LCD instruments with handlebar mounted control
  • 12V outlet for powering/charging devices


  • Phantom Blue – new
  • Sonic Grey – new
  • Blazing Grey – new
  • Radical Red (only XMAX 125)


  • XMAX 125, available December 2017
  • XMAX 300, January 2018
  • XMAX 400, available October 2017


Reset the rules of MAX
Having sold more than 250,000 units, the legendary TMAX is the most successful maxi scooter ever. It has held the number 1 position in its segment every year since 2001. This success has been reconfirmed all around Europe in 2017, and looks set to continue into 2018 with the TMAX DX and TMAX variants – each one of them built to deliver class leading engine and chassis performance, together with outstanding luxury.

TMAX DX and TMAX. Two iconic choices.
For 2018 Yamaha offer two exciting versions of the iconic high performance TMAX in the UK. The TMAX DX is for those who demand the ultimate in luxury, while the TMAX provides a blank canvas for those owners who want to make their own unique model using Yamaha Genuine accessories.

With its dual LED headlamps and bold position lamps, the TMAX has a powerful and iconic face design that is complemented by its sporty and dynamic body that features the MAX family’s boomerang side panels.

For sporty handling performance with high speed stability and sure footed cornering, this best-selling maxi scooter is equipped with a lightweight aluminium frame and motorcycle type forks. And with its sophisticated TFT instrument panel, as well as a large luggage compartment and a comprehensive specification that include traction control and ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition, the TMAX is the most advanced and capable long distance sport scooter ever manufactured by Yamaha.

TMAX DX exclusive features:

Vodafone My TMAX Connect
Yamaha TMAX DX riders are now able to stay connected with our advanced Vodafone My TMAX Connect device. By using this mobile app, TMAX DX customers can instantly get access to a wide range of services including a bike tracker, remote horn and flasher function, low battery alert, speed alert, geofence and trip report.

Yamaha D-MODE
For the ultimate in engine performance the sporty and luxurious TMAX DX models are equipped with the latest D-MODE electronic control technology. The D-MODE mapping operates in association with the YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) to give an easier and gentler power delivery in T-Mode, making the TMAX more suited to town riding. By selecting S-Mode, riders can enjoy the thrilling acceleration and sporty performance of the 530cc engine on open roads.

TMAX DX exclusive features:

Heated grips and heated main seat
With its ability to travel far and fast, the TMAX is a serious and enjoyable alternative to the car and train. To give an even higher level of comfort whatever the weather, the TMAX DX is equipped with grip heaters and a heated main seat as standard.

Cruise Control
The TMAX DX’s Cruise Control operates above 50 km/h, and can be increased or decreased in 2km/h increments by a single push of a switch on the left handlebar, or by continuously holding down the switch. Braking or turning the throttle past the closed position disengages the Cruise Control, and a ‘resume’ button returns the system to its last used speed setting.

2018 TMAX Key Features: All models

  • Sporty and dynamic body design
  • Low weight and high levels of torque
  • Outstanding feeling of acceleration
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Long aluminium swingarm
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)
  • Large storage space
  • ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system
  • Sophisticated TFT instruments
  • Link-type rear suspension
  • Lightweight tyres with low rolling resistance
  • ABS fitted as standard equipment
  • Centre stand locking system
  • Battery charging socket
  • Wide selection of Genuine Accessories

TMAX DX exclusive features

  • Cruise control
  • Electronically adjustable windscreen
  • Heated grips and heated main seat
  • Adjustable rear suspension



  • Phantom Blue
  • Liquid Darkness


  • Midnight Black

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

TMAX and XMAX riders can choose from a growing range of Genuine accessories that includes a slip-on muffler, apron, sport screen and comfort seat. Using the My Garage 3D configurator app, it’s quick and easy to build a virtual fully accessorized MAX Sport scooter online, and see what looks best for you.

My Garage: Building scooters to believe in

Yamaha owners or potential customers can now create their dream bike by either using the online model configurator on the Yamaha Sport scooter product pages – or, even cooler, with a mobile App showing the chosen Genuine accessories directly on the motorcycle in stunning 360 3D views.

The Yamaha My Garage App can be easily downloaded with a mobile device from the Apple App store or the Android Google play store.

Yamaha Genuine Apparel

The Genuine Apparel line-up includes riding gear designed for Yamaha owners, including jacket and gloves, plus a selection of casual wear including T-shirts, caps, sweaters, and more.

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