2019 Yamaha Urban Mobility ScootersMaking commuting easier, cheaper and more fun
Urban Mobility models are designed to make getting around the city easier, cheaper and more enjoyable. From the innovative 3-wheel Tricity 125 through to the sporty NMAX 125 and compact D’elight, Yamaha gives everybody the chance to experience urban life from a new and more enjoyable viewpoint. For 2019 the NMAX models will be available in new colour options.
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2019 Urban Mobility Scooters Colours
NMAX 125: 
– Matt Grey (new)
– Milky White (new)
– Viper Blue
D’elight 125:
– Velvet Green
– Milky White
– Power Black
Tricity 125:
– Matt Grey
– Milky White
– Cyber Blue