The majority of motorcycle fatalities, though, occur when the motorcycle driver is not noticed by the driver of the vehicle. It is actually very important to maintain your wits about you after a wreck if you’re the one on the bike. What you do right after the crash will have a huge effect on how much money you get back for your injury and bike damage. Here is what you need to do when involved in a bike accident.

Get off the road
If you are involved in a bike accident, get off the road as soon as possible. If more traffic comes along, staying on the road will result in more accidents. If you’re able to drive, the first goal should be to get off the road and into a secure place.

Call the Police
It is important for you to contact law enforcement/police when you get involved in a bike accident. The police would file a report detailing the events that led up to the incident and determining who was at fault. These aid in the filing of insurance cases and litigation. Make no effort to bargain with the driver. Often drivers apologize and take responsibility at first, only to later dispute their fault or even their presence at the scene.

Self-access your injuries
Examine the whole body. Can you have a full range of motion in both of your limbs? Have you seen any bruises or scars on your body? Do you have a dizzy or dazed feeling? Are you able to walk? And if you don’t feel something right away, you might be hurt. When involved in a bike accident, if you’re in pain or see any cuts, don’t go any more than necessary and call for assistance. The fact that you needed medical help will prove that you were hurt, and medical reports will show the seriousness of your injury.

Get an attorney
When you are conscious, contact a motorcycle injury lawyer to explain the circumstances of the accident. Your lawyer will assist you with the procedural action that may be required to protect any reimbursement rights you may have. When anyone else is to blame for the mistake, you have a number of legal options. Your counsel will be able to assist you in this. You should speak to an attorney about your wreck caused in the bike accident.

Contact your Insurance
You can call the insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim. They will interview you extensively about the time you were involved in a bike accident, but the earlier you can call, the better. But, do consult an attorney before communicating with the insurance firms. Anything you say to the insurance agent could come back to haunt you. An attorney’s letter to the insurance agent will also settle disputes while preventing legal pitfalls. In practice, the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits are resolved without ever going to trial.

Bring your bike to a reputable bike shop for an estimate on maintenance costs. This should make it much easier for you to get coverage from your own or the other party’s insurance polic


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