AGV K6: The Best Helmet For Any Use

K6: The Best Helmet For Any Use, Created Using Technologies Developed For Motogp™

AGV presents K6, a comfortable and versatile road helmet, perfect for any use, any motorbike and any rider. Thanks to the use of technologies derived from the Pista GP R, the AGV MotoGP™ helmet, K6 combines maximum safety with a unique static and dynamic weight, for increased riding comfort.

Every detail of K6 is designed to offer the highest level of protection and provide the safety a rider needs to fully express themselves in any situation, in total comfort for optimum performance.

The shell in refined carbon-aramid fiber and the five different densities of EPS offer protection that is 48% greater than that required by standards regarding HIC and G values, all combined with never-before-seen lightness. The visor mechanisms are extremely limited in size to maximize the area of shell coverage, keeping safety levels at a peak across the entire surface of the helmet. Their construction, in metal, considerably increases the resistance of the visor in case of impact.

The exclusive AGV Ultravision guarantees an unrivaled peripheral field of 190°, while the class 1 optic visor, completed with 100% Max Vision Pinlock 120 anti-fogging system, is up to 4.3mm in thickness. The Micro-Lock system allows opening for air flow while keeping the visor securely fastened to the chinguard, making it an integral part of the protection system. The profile of the helmet is designed to not hit the collarbone in case of impact, an AGV invention that is now standard in the racing world. The most demanding test bench in racing gives K6 the characteristics to allow a rider to see the road and obstacles better and ahead of time.

The design of the shell and the rear extractor maximize the aerodynamic performance of the helmet, allowing the K6 to split the air and maintain great stability even at high speed. K6 offers maximum performance whatever the riding position…

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