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Airhawk Comfort Seats Updated For 2017Airhawk has updated its air-filled motorcycle seat cushions for 2017, with new cutaway sections around sensitive areas and re-designed cell geometry

Airhawk’s proven Comfort Seating System uses air pockets to minimise pressure points on the pelvis and spine, as well as providing shock absorption and vibration protection, to provide relief from the discomfort many riders experience during long stretches in the saddle.

The new, updated cushions feature an additional centre cut-out area, running from front to back, for extra pressure relief and ‘non-contact’ of sensitive areas.

Cutaway sections at the front and back – the latter also has a tapered transition – give increased comfort and pressure relief on both the groin and tail-bone areas.

Air cell geometry has also been re-designed, to improve airflow under the rider and eliminate ‘hot-spots’.

Each cushion comes with a breathable and water repellent poly-mesh cover, which helps to keep the rider cool and dry. The side panels also feature a three-layer knit polyester for air circulation

New and improved Airhawk Motorcycle Cushions are currently available in three versions: the ‘Cruiser R’ Large and Small, and the ‘Dual Sport’ for smaller, narrower seats, all of which retail at £135.00 including VAT.

Airhawk Pillion Pads sell for £120.00 (including VAT).

Call Motohaus Powersports on 01256 704909 or visit for details.

Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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