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Akrapovič Gets Down in the Dirt with the Honda CRF450R/RX

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Akrapovič Gets Down in the Dirt with the Honda CRF450R/RX

Akrapovič Gets Down In The Dirt With The Honda Crf450r/rxAkrapovič has launched a totally new and revolutionary Evolution Line (Titanium)* exhaust system for the Honda CRF450R/RX, featuring an innovative design to stand up to the demands of off-road racing.
This tailor-made exhaust fits the limited space available within the body of the motorcycle. It has been developed through intensive design and research by the skilled Akrapovič engineers to produce a system that combines performance and durability for extreme conditions and the rigors of racing with the aesthetics of a perfectly finished product.
Constructed from lightweight high-grade titanium, the all-new Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system has a new profiled surface that adds strength and durability to the muffler. This new surface has been produced to disrupt the sound patterns and add to the dampening effect to bring the noise output within the strict FIM levels while also delivering a deep, full sound that embraces the balanced pulse of the single-cylinder engine. This revolutionary design – although challenging to achieve – has been realized through Akrapovič’s knowledge and technology accumulated through 30 years of experience as the world’s leading performance exhaust specialists. Akrapovič has created a muffler that is the largest possible for the space available. This allows increased sound silencing, which mitigates the impact on the natural environment – where the exhaust will be used – due to the reduced volume from the system. The larger muffler also facilitates improved flow for the exhaust gases to make their way from the combustion chamber with as few restrictions as possible, increasing operational performance. The added strength created by the design also aids resilience for the harsh environments of Motocross and Enduro tracks, where vibrations, high peak temperatures, stones, sand, mud, and crashes can impact the overall look and performance of the exhaust and ultimately the machine. With comprehensive testing and development on off-road tracks, the system has been fully evaluated against the situations it will be exposed to.
The Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system incorporates different thicknesses of premium titanium alloys, with thicker levels used to prevent damage in exposed areas and thinner parts in other sections to reduce overall weight. This has created a system that is 26.5% lighter than the stock exhaust – an extremely valuable commodity on an off-road motorcycle, where saving weight is a premium. A new specially designed and shaped resonant chamber optimizes the power and sound of the system, engine response is heightened through the entire rev range, and the system offers an optimum feeling when the throttle is opened, giving the rider great appreciation of what is happening as the drive from the engine is applied to the rear tyre. Power and torque levels have been increased with an extra 2.1 kW (2.8 HP) at 9,750 rpm and 1.8 Nm at 9,460 rpm recorded on Akrapovič’s in-house dyno with back-to-back tests of the Honda CRF450R with an Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust and a CRF450R with a standard stock exhaust system.
The visual impact of this perfectly crafted and designed exhaust is further enhanced by the introduction of a special technique for imprinting the Akrapovič logo on the surface for greater durability. It is a simple plug-and-play operation to install, with no remapping needed. This innovative Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system represents the new generation of systems for off-road bikes, offering even better durability of the product and a fresh look that perfectly integrates with the lines of the new top-of-the-range Honda CRF450R/RX.

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