Alpinestars Launches Tech-air™street Airbag SystemTech-Air™ is the world’s first self-contained airbag system that independently functions without the need for sensors to be installed on the bike and the subsequent need to link a specific motorcycle to the Tech-Air™ street airbag system used by the rider. This means that Tech-Air™ offers the freedom to ride any bike on any surface at any time.

Offering instantaneous, high-pressure inflatable protection the Tech-Air™ street airbag system gives the rider comprehensive protection in a crash by covering the full back, shoulders, kidney areas and chest.

The Tech-Air™ street airbag system is incorporated into a specially designed protection vest, which is then attached within and used in conjunction with a compatible outer jacket. For the initial airbag launch offering there are two jacket models available – an all-weather touring jacket and a summer street riding jacket – allowing the Tech-Air™ System to be used, interchangeably, in all weather conditions.

The benefits of the system are:

· Versatility: Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ street airbag system can be used with any type of motorcycle or scooter, allowing the rider to easily switch between bikes without reconfiguring or reinitializing the bike-to-rider set-up. The system is completely housed within the jacket and is self-contained, requiring no pre-configuration and is immediately ready for use. As a result, no sensors or equipment needs to be installed on the motorcycle and no time is wasted in setting up electronic pairing between rider and/or passenger and motorcycle.
· Any Type of Riding: Extensive research and testing has shown that a rider’s body remains relatively stable, regardless of terrain, until the point when an accident develops. The Tech-Air™ software algorithm is formulated to predict the impact, ensuring the airbag is deployed before the rider hits an obstacle. Therefore, by situating the sensors close to the rider’s body instead of on the bike, Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ can be used both on road or for off road adventure touring, and is equally effective on all types of terrain. There is no need to deactivate the system if leaving the road for off-road trails or to stop in between to change settings. Changing surfaces while adventure riding therefore presents no problem.
· Critical Protection Coverage: The Tech-Air™ street airbag system offers comprehensive upper body protection including back, shoulders, kidney area and chest, all of the most exposed areas during a street crash.
· Independent: By incorporating its sensors close to the rider’s body Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ street airbag system activates without the need for a triggering wireless signal to be sent from the bike.
· All-Weather Riding: The electronic unit is protected by a durable and water-resistant casing which, when worn under a compatible outer jacket, means the airbag system is fully weatherproof.
· No Installation: Tech-Air™ has no installation-to-bike requirements and subsequent cost and time-delay issue, eliminating the need for the bike to be specially fitted with sensors. With no equipment to be installed on the bike, the Tech-Air™ System is compatible with ANY motorcycle or scooter, regardless of make, age or type.

Following a decade of intensive research, development, hundreds of thousands of miles of road testing, a multitude of computer simulations and multiple full scale crash tests, the Tech-Air™ street airbag system typically detects an impact between 30-60 milliseconds (depending on accident type). Once fired Tech-Air™ will fully inflate in 25 milliseconds.

The Tech-Air™ street airbag system uses a sophisticated algorithm specifically developed for street riding to detect imminent danger with the greatest precision. Using Alpinestars’ exclusive custom analysis software the algorithm of Tech-Air™ has been optimized to detect crash impacts not only while riding but also in situations of loss of control, including when riding off road. This has been possible because Tech-Air™ shares common DNA in the algorithm from the Tech-Air™ race airbag system that features accident prediction and detects low-side crashes as well as high-sides for top MotoGP riders such as Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa.

Additionally, Tech-Air™ provides protection when the rider is stationary, for example, a rear impact while waiting at traffic lights.

The Tech-Air™ street airbag is securely integrated into a removable and interchangeable breathable mesh vest that is worn under a compatible outer jacket. This allows for greater protection to the airbag system and componentry, increasing its lifespan and allowing the system to be used interchangeably with the compatible jacket of choice for the motorcycle type and weather outlook. For Tech-Air™ two compatible jacket models are available initially, the Valparaiso For Tech-Air™ and the Viper For Tech-Air™ textile jackets. The compatible outer jacket, which is designed to work with the airbag system, incorporates CE certified shoulder and elbow protection to further ramp its overall protective qualities. This outer jacket can be used as a stand-alone, without the Tech-Air™ System fitted internally.

The Tech-Air™ System is powered by a battery pack which offers over 25 hours of continuous use with one hour’s charging ensuring four hours of riding time. The system is activated simply by zipping up the jacket and riders can ensure the system is activated by checking the LED display located on the left sleeve. This feature is highly convenient, meaning riders can easily arm the airbag system without the need to locate a switch and can do so wearing gloves.

The system is CE certified to the PPE directive (EN1621-4 for impact protection) as well as the pyrotechnic articles directive, to assure the safety and stability of the incorporated inflators. This also means that the airbag system can be safely and legally transported by car, ship, train and airplane, allowing riders the freedom to use their Tech-Air™ with rental bikes on their dream adventure touring holiday.

Tech-Air™ is the only airbag protection system conceived for the free spirit of motorcycling. No matter what bike you are riding and no matter the road surface and riding environment you experience – Alpinestars’ Tech-Air™ is always there to protect.

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