Arai Profile V Helmet ReviewThe Profile-V is one the newest helmet from Arai. It is a full-face helmet which I am using currently, the design language of Profile-V is based on the other Arai helmets. The exterior shell is made of fiberglass, the strong shell together with soft one-piece multi-density EPS inner liner helps in the even distribution and absorption of the impact forces. Ample ventilation is provided with the help of several vents, and it is further complemented with three-way exhausts. The presence of an efficient ventilation system allows a rider to breathe comfortably and helps during hot summer days.

The visor is probably one of the most important components in a helmet. The Arai Profile-V has a VAS Max Vision visor that is available with a de-mist option, which helps in cold weather. The visor utilizes the same latch system currently used in F1 racing helmets.

Arai Profile V Helmet ReviewWhen it comes to comfort, the soft and plush padding provides comfort as well as safety. It comes with a washable interior and facial contour system (FCS) with replaceable cheek pads and ear cups. Speaker pockets are provided for additional convenience. The 5mm wider base makes it easier to put on or off the helmet.

Arai Profile V Helmet ReviewLike other Arai helmets, the Profile-V also boasts some of the best safety features. It is ECE 2.5 approved and has undergone aggressive Arai in-house testing rounds that makes it one of the safest helmets in its class. Its unique shape further contributes to safety and protects the head in case of an impact. Arai provides a 5-year limited warranty for Profile-V helmets.

Helmet featured is the Profile-V in the Calm Red colour and comes with a price tag of £379.99 from

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