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Are bikes BMW’s best product?

Are bikes BMW’s best product?

There is no denying that BMW is well known for its cars. We all know models like the 1 Series, X4, Z4 and 3 Series. They are generally seen as stylish, smooth and well-built vehicles. But are they the best that BMW has to offer?

What about BMW’s range of bikes? In many respects, BMW actually offers a much larger range of bikes across a bigger range of categories. Furthermore, their bikes are renowned for their excellent construction and performance – plus they look superb.

So, which is it? Bikes or cars? We take a look at this in the article below and see how BMW’s bikes shape up against the car range and if they are actually superior!

BMW bikes – a versatile range for all types of bikers
On the superbike circuit, BMW is known to be an amazing manufacturer. It’s no coincidence that in the Superbike Championship, there are four teams using BMW models.

That’s roughly 20% of the teams, with the other major manufacturers represented being Yamaha and Kawasaki. If you enjoy using UK bookmakers, you could easily put a bet on a BMW team for superbike racing, with riders like Peter Hickman or Danny Buchan.

But BMW’s bikes go far beyond superbikes – they have a brilliant range of models for both racing and everyday use.

Sport bikes
BMW currently only has two sport bikes but they are both amazing and look superb. One is the R 1250 RS, which we did an extensive review on.

This bike has some innovative features, a sophisticated design and looks incredible. The legendary boxer engine offers 136hp and amazing top speeds, but new technology means that it’s energy efficient too and relatively quiet running.

Other features include things like Dynamic Traction Control and an ECO drive mode to save further on fuel. The other model is the epic S100 RR, which is essentially a superbike. This is for the true bike fans and racers and it can be made to order with various customization options.

Like the M-Sport cars, BMW has some fantastic M-series bikes too. These are racing-grade machines and both the M 1000 RR and M 1000 R are insane. They look superb, with the iconic red and blue M-series highlights spattered on various parts of the bikes.

Aside from the looks, they have amazing performance. For example, the M 1000 RR can provide excellent downforce to achieve better cornering, while it has an engine delivering 212hp that can propel the bike to a whopping 314 km/h.

If you are serious about racing then the BMW M-Series bikes are certainly up there with the top manufacturers and are renowned for performance and handling.

But BMW doesn’t just do racing bikes! Their Tour range is brilliant for everyday use and offers the perfect mix of comfort and power. These bikes are admittedly not as sleek as the racing models, but they are meant for longer trips where you need storage and convenience.

Models like the R 1250 RT, K 1600 GT and K 1600 Grand America really stand out and have sleek designs, such as the stitching on the seats and the powerful engines. For those who love travelling on the open road and exploring, BMW Tour bikes are some of the best available.

Lastly, if you prefer classical bikes then there is a wide range of BMW Heritage models! These pay homage to eras past, and feature designs that will never go out of fashion.

These bikes are for those who appreciate the heritage and love the design aspects of the vehicles. Models like the R nineT Scrambler and R18 Transcontinental just look incredible. My favorite is the R18 – it looks iconic and like an old roadster, but benefits from modern BMW technologies. These bikes are some of the best traditional models available and the blend of new and old is superb.

BMW cars – bad driver reputation but sleek and smooth design
What’s one of the main things you think of when you consider BMW cars? Bad drivers. We all know it – you see a BMW on the road and think… that driver’s an expletive. But that doesn’t diminish the quality and design of the cars!

The M-Sport range is the pinnacle of BMW’s powerful everyday cars. These cars look great and have some superb horsepower and extra features. The cars are top of the range and models like the M-3 Sport have some serious oomph.

Generally, when compared to other sport-series cars from different manufacturers, M-Sport models are typically up there in the conversation. From first-hand experience they are pretty fun to drive too and have great handling.

Electric range
BMW is quickly becoming one of the leaders in electric car technology. This is a trend we are seeing globally, with many car manufacturers having to change their business model and adapt to electric and hybrid builds.

The world is changing, and BMW is reacting quickly. They have an impressive range of both fully electric and hybrid cars, and they are some of the best available on the market. Unlike some manufacturers, BMW has managed to retain a stylish and smooth look for their electric vehicles.

Models like the i7, iX, i4 and iX1 all look amazing and offer real benefits in terms of cost saving and efficiency. This is definitely one area in which BMW cars are outperforming their bikes.

As you can see, BMW has some incredible automobile products. Both their bikes and cars are of superb quality. If you invest in a BMW product, you can guarantee that it will typically hold its value much better than comparable models from other manufacturers.

That is simply down to the reputation of the company, the premium status and the performance. Regardless, we give the slight edge to BMW bikes. The range is more extensive and sophisticated than many people know. Additionally, their bikes offer some of the best performance and longevity in the industry.

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