Auritech Helps You Protect The Gift Of Hearing This ChristmasPPE, or personal protective equipment to give it its proper title, has been one of the buzzwords of 2020. Keeping ourselves and others safe has become our national duty during the Covid-19 pandemic and as we look towards happier times in 2021, specialist ear protection company Auritech is asking that we don’t forget to look after our hearing in the new year, when hopefully our favourite activities will start to return to normality.

Auritech recently conducted a survey among the British public, which has revealed that almost half of those interviewed have changed their opinion on personal protective equipment (PPE) since the start of the pandemic. The survey found that 48% of all respondents now had a more positive attitude towards wearing PPE and now Auritech is urging the public to ensure that they also consider protecting their hearing too.

Auritech’s range of earplugs are all equipped with a precision tuned filter to protect wearers from the damaging noise generated by activities while enabling them to hear essential surrounding sound such as conversation, in many cases enhancing the experience of the activity. Manufactured in the EU and CE certified, the range contains seven specifically tuned universal fit earplugs designed for particular activities, and all make a practical stocking filler for your loved ones this Christmas.

Auritech Intelligent Hearing Protection range

Biker: tunes out harmful high frequency wind noise, while still allowing the motorcyclist to hear traffic noise, engine tone and conversations through intercom systems.

Sleep: Promotes healthy sleep by softening background noise, including snoring, while allowing important sounds, like fire alarms, crying children and door bells to be heard clearly.

Travel: pressure regulating filter reduces risk of ear pain caused by pressure changes, removing disturbing background noise while allowing normal conversation to be held on aeroplanes and underground trains.

Shoot: Reduces gun blast noise while allowing wearers to hear conversations and nature sounds, enhancing shoot safety and experience.

Work: Reduces machine and tool noise while allowing the wearer to maintain communication and concentration, which can be a problem when wearing foam earplugs for sustained periods.

Music: For musicians and gig goers, the filter in Auritech Music plugs enhances the sound of the music while reducing overall volume, which would usually be above safe decibel limits.

Water Sport: Regular water contact inside the ear can cause bacterial build-up, irritation and damage. Protecting the middle ear and ear drum from water contact with hearing protectors is recommended.

All Auritech universal fit ear plugs are fully reusable, being constructed from easy to clean medical grade, silicone free hypoallergenic thermoplastic. They come in a stylish aluminium storage tube, which doubles as a keyring, all for £19.95 a pair.

Auritech products can be purchased on line at

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