MotoGP is the world’s top organisation for road racing. First established in 1949, the MotoGP is the oldest motorsports championship in the world. Originally consisting of only 500cc vehicles, the MotoGP has since expanded to also include two other racing classes, 990cc and 1000cc. Of the classes, the 1000CC is the biggest test with the largest engines. With the MotoGP season in full swing, many are wondering which racer is the likely favourite to win the championship.

Jorge Lorenzo

Initially some were concerned that Lorenzo’s switch from Yamaha to Ducati could cause some growing pains for the racer. Their concerns were well founded with Lorenzo’s finishes being more of a roller coaster ride. Finishing well at Jerez but then at Assen, he took 15th place. The sportsbooks aren’t confident in his chances with odds established at 750:1.

Valentino Rossi

While Rossi has had some difficult weekends that led him to slip in the points race, he has had some brilliant wins which have some believing he could end up taking the championship. Oddsmakers have his chance set at 9 to 1. For instance, his victory in the Assenn TT helped to encourage Rossi in his quest.

Marc Marquez

Currently holding the top spot in the point standings, Marquez is the favourite of most MotoGP fans. With an impressive 174 points, the driver beneath him only has 158 points, giving Marquez a nice cushion. Despite his lead, there is still a lot of racing between now and the conclusion of the season in November. Can Marquez maintain his lead? The bookies seem to think so with his odds set at 1/3.

Andrea Dovizisio

A member of the Ducati team, Dovizisio is holding the second position in the points standing. Although he only leads third place, Maverick Vinales, by a mere 8 points. This has many speculating as to whether or not Dovizisio can keep the second spot reflected in his odds of winning the championship as 11 to 2.

As the MotoGP series approaches the conclusion of the 2017 season, it’s not too late place a bet on series winner and if this is your first time at sports betting you can check the explanation of how odds works at before you commit to one. Should you place a bet or not, the ending is sure to be an exciting finish.