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Bike Reviews by Laramoto

Hello Team! I’m Laramoto, a motorbike racer and reviewer. I’m here to turn fuel into speed and share the journey… if you’re up for it, come along for the ride – join my acceLARAtion nation!

I rode 50cc mopeds, thrashed 2 stroke DT 125s and even had a Scooterman chauffeur job on a monkey bike. I progressed to a Honda CBR 600F that led me to trackdays and the realisation of what I could do on two wheels. I’ve got a sexy Ducati SuperSport S now.

I raced Honda CB500s and a huge Ducati 1198. I now throw around a Ducati Monster Supertwin and a superb Suzuki GSXR SRAD 600. I’ll talk about any bikes I can get my leg over and race whatever people let me. Subscribe for the rides!

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Bike Reviews by MrDarcy & the Ol’Man

We review the coolest motorbikes from all makes! Our reviews are honest, detailed, and beautifully filmed. We don’t just recite from a spec-sheet, but we describe how the bikes feel, go, look, and handle.

We are a father & son team, and have both been riding bikes since we were kids.

We take each bike and review it for what it is, and for the 99% of people who would be interested in that bike. No BS, no stupidity, no messing about.

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