Blackjack Myths Debunked

There is no fundamentally correct way to approach the wonderful world of casino, however there sure are inherently wrong ways to approach gambling in these places, and these are ironically things that many gamblers actually swear by. You cannot go to gambling school though, so some of these things remain a habit, and they can impact incredibly negatively on the overall experience.  

In the realm of the historical casino game Blackjack there are plenty of these so-called “myths”, and the problem is that large swathes of the gambling population do not even know what they are. This can have serious consequences, especially with myth that pertain to betting strategy, occasionally these can have you going so far into the red you might have to pack in gambling altogether. Let’s have a look at some of the most common myths, and have them debunked or follow the link to play blackjack games.

The Allure Of Progressive Blackjack Betting
There are countless betting strategies that instruct you to double your wager after every loss in order to eventually make your money back. The Martingale strategy is probably the most famous of them all, and is regularly lauded as an infallible way to end up as king of the casino. On the face of it the tactic does make a little sense – one win after a losing streak of one or two could indeed return you back to 0.

But here’s the thing: Blackjack doesn’t work in the way that you would expect it too. You could just end up losing indefinitely, it all revolves around what cards you get, a largely random phenomenon. So, if you stick to a progressive betting strategy you might well find yourself in a whole load of debt pretty quick. Stay away!

The Main Objective Is To Get 21 in Blackjack
Sure, the way you win Blackjack is possessing a hand that is closer to 21 than that of the dealer, but you should be careful when playing if this is also your sole objective. Many players jump right in to the game with nothing on their mind but achieving that hallowed number. Unfortunately, however, playing in this way is more likely to see you go bust than actually win.

Your main objective, in actuality, should be ensuring that the dealer goes bust, because this is the real way you achieve a win. You need to play Blackjack with the dealer’s hand in mind, not your own or how close it is to 21. Only then will you experience some actual success, believe us.

I’m Not Mathematically Talented Enough To Play Blackjack 
Get out of here! Blackjack can be portrayed as a mathematicians dream in films and TV series, especially when there is some card counting involved. Really though it only requires a very basic grasp on mathematics to be able to play pretty well, it is mainly just simple addition. So, when somebody tells you only mathematicians play Blackjack you can laugh in their face – it just isn’t true at all. 

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