Sport is huge in Britain. From football right through to golf. It’s an industry that people just love to get involved with in any way possible, from playing or taking part right through to being a fan. Motorsports have a special set of supporters though. Whether it’s cars or motorbikes, it’s always going to involve high-octane thrills, with plenty of twists and turns throughout a race and of course a season. The danger element increases the buzz even further and right now it’s MotoGP that is involved in a growing love affair with Brits.

For many people, when it comes to motorsport, the first thing they think of is Formula 1. That’s primarily because it has much more media coverage and even its own dedicated channels on television. People like F1 for the risk, thrills and characters but just around the corner there is MotoGP which is rapidly growing in popularity and the reason why is that is simply does everything that F1 does but much better. The riders and people involved are much more relatable and down to earth and certainly without a chip on their shoulder, even the crashes are better. MotoGP is proving that racing on two wheels is a lot more entertaining than racing on four. This is being reflected in even the increasing volume of betting activity on the sport; established bookmakers like Unibet covering the sport and offering a wide range of betting opportunities

Fans love a hero and for many people it’s Valentino Rossi in MotoGP. The Doctor is the greatest rider of all time and while he’s extremely methodical in his approach in race, away from the track he’s just a normal everyday down to earth bloke. Fans can relate to him, even though he’s a legendary figure within the motorsport industry and this is one of the reasons why Brits are rapidly taking more interest in MotoGP. The connection between sports person and fan has never been more important in a world where social media and status seems to be king.

The riders are also successful more to do with their individual skills and abilities too rather than a massive team effort, as seen in other motorsports. Sometimes things can get bogged down where teams are concerned and it becomes more about the collective than the individual. In MotoGP it’s the riders making the decisions and although they do have teams helping them, they often ignore them and do their own thing.

People don’t love to see other get seriously hurt but when it comes to motorsport, many enjoy a spectacular crash now and again. Due to being on a bike, it’s common to see riders slide off into the gravel or to even see them catapulted from their ride. It only serves to increase the adrenaline levels as people watch on. Crashes occur because the sport is dangerous after all and danger is exciting. Racing at over 200 miles per hour is high risk but packed full of thrills and fans absolutely love it.

In comparison to Formula 1, MotoGP just provides an all-round better racing experience. There’s more overtaking for a start and overtaking is bound to increase excitement as the race swings from one rider’s grasp to another. Not only that but there’s fierce rivalries in MotoGP too. There have been some epic spats over the years with a notable one between Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo occurring back in 2015; and no one will be betting on this situation being resolved anytime soon. The rivalries are often seriously intense as winning is everything to these guys, in what is a closely contested sport.