Brush Up On Bike Cleaning With Nippy NormanThis handy kit from BMW specialist Nippy Normans contains a selection of brushes to deal with everything from dirt-shifting to detailing.

An ideal gift for Father’s Day (20th June), there are 10 brushes in total, including a large washing brush (for bodywork), round brushes (for hard-to-reach spaces, e.g. around the engine and brake callipers) and a wheel rim brush.

There are also paint brushes, for detailing, and even a brass wire brush, which can be used to shift crud from downpipes and sumps.

The wide variety of brushes allows users to reseve some for particularly grimey jobs and others for more delicate areas.

And when you’ve finished, everything can be tucked away neatly in the net bag, so nothing is left lying around to get lost in the darkest corner of the workshop.

The Nippy Norman Brush set sells for £24- including VAT.

For further information visit the UK’s no.1 BMW and touring accessory specialist
Brush Up On Bike Cleaning With Nippy Norman
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