Bullit Motorcycles Rebrands To Become Bluroc MotorcyclesHaving first launched in the UK in 2015 with the now-iconic Hero 125, Bullit Motorcycles has steadily grown, increasing its stable with an array of unique learner-friendly machines. Now, the popular manufacturer is rebranding to Bluroc Motorcycles, marking the future ambition of the global brand and reinforcing links to its recent history.

From October 1st, ‘Bullit Motorcycles’ has become ‘Bluroc Motorcycles’. A name change that helps to reflect the growing ambition of the brand alongside reinforcing its link to its recent history. Bluroc markets affordable motorbikes inspired by iconic models and designs, and the rebrand to Bluroc is not by chance; it is a tribute to the most popular models in its range.

The Bluroc 125cc and 250cc bikes combine vintage looks with modern technology, paving the way for what would become the Bluroc Motorcycles brand. The current Bluroc machines will continue to be part of the collection as the “Bluroc Legend”, the ultimate tribute to these icons.

The new Bluroc brand makes a promise to future riders: You own a Bluroc for the pleasure of riding… with unique style! This commitment will be reaffirmed by a host of upcoming special and limited editions, the ultimate expression of this promise.

Each of the iconic models offers a style that suits adventurers, free spirits and rebels. In addition, the price and learner-friendly capacity will ensure that Bluroc Motorcycles remain very affordable for riders of all ages.

Alongside the rebrand, Bluroc are continuing to open new dealers across the UK, expanding its reach to even more riders. The company is also investing heavily in new showroom materials for dealers alongside launching a new range of merchandise before the end of 2021.

Henry Maplethorpe, Bluroc Motorcycles Brand Manager, added, “Since launching Bullit Motorcycles six years ago in the UK, it has been an incredible journey. The brand has been able to steadily grow, and this new rebranding marks an exciting expansion that cements Bluroc Motorcycles commitment to providing stylish and affordable motorcycles.”
Bullit Motorcycles Rebrands To Become Bluroc Motorcycles
or head to the official Bluroc Motorcycles website blurocmotorcycles.com/en/

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Bullit Motorcycles Rebrands To Become Bluroc Motorcycles

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