Control Upgrades for Kawasaki ZX-6R

British motorcycle control specialists, Venhill, have developed comprehensive replacement Cable and Hose kits for Kawasaki’s popular supersports ZX-6R (ABS).

Made in Venhill’s UK factory and designed to replace the OE set-up without the need for any modifications, the Front and Rear Brake Hose kits are an easy way to upgrade braking performance.

Each hose features a PTFE ‘teflon’ core, which is resistant to heat, softening, expansion and loss of shape. Its consistent internal diameter and smooth bore deliver more efficient fluid flow, and increased braking force. Like all Venhill braided hoses they’re built to exceed DOT and TUV requirements, and are pressure tested to 1500psi before leaving the factory, for complete peace of mind.

Two Front Brake Hose Kits are produced; the five hose version uses the factory set-up and retails from £123.55 (including VAT). The three hose design replaces all OEM hoses and metal pipe, combining the lengths of the rubber hose and metal section into a kit, with master cylinder to modulator section, modulator to calliper and a calliper crossover. Prices start at £78.49.

Matching Rear Brake kits come in three and two hose options, prices from £78.49 and £53.78 respectively.

Clutch and Throttle Cable kits for the ZX-6R are also made in the UK and will improve feel, control and reliability. Designed to fit exactly as the OE items do, both feature Venhill’s Featherlight marine-grade stainless steel inner wire for minimum stretch, and a low-friction PTFE ‘teflon’ liner, for a smoother action, without the need for lubrication.

Venhill ‘Bird-cage’ their cables, making the inner wire’s bond with the nipple much stronger, so they can withstand being put under repeated stress and pressure.

A pair of Throttle Cables retail at £31.81, while the replacement Clutch Cable sells for £22.98, both including VAT. There’s even a Seat Lock Cable for the ZX-6R, retailing at £17.40 (pair).

Visit or call 01306 885111 for further details.