Cosmo Connected, The Life-saving Connected Gear For MotorcyclistsAn ingenious device that makes roads safer in the UK!

Cosmo Connected, the first connected add-on helmet light that keeps motorcyclists visible on the road, is now available in the UK, at Harrods and on Amazon Launchpad

Cosmo Connected is the first connected rear brake light for two-wheelers – and it’s all sorts of ingenious. It lights up red to show the deceleration of the motorcycle at eye-level, and, thanks to a connected geolocated app, it automatically alerts emergency responders and third parties in case of an accident. Cosmo Connected makes roads safer, for all. One of the top innovations at the Las Vegas CES last January, Cosmo Connected is now available in the UK at Harrods and on Amazon Launchpad, at the price of £119.

Making roads safer, for all
Cosmo Connected resulted from a simple observation: more than half of road traffic accidents between motorcycles and cars in the UK are due to car drivers’ negligence. Made of 24 LEDs, Cosmo Connected is a connected device that attaches to the back of any existing motorcycle helmet to make riders more visible on the road, at eye level.


On the app (iOS and Android), users can adjust different light diffusion modes. While the red light activates whenever the motorcyclist decelerates, the flashing light can be selected to alert surrounding drivers in case of potential danger or any unexpected event that might occur. Cosmo Connected also provides a “position light” mode that users can activate to ensure the device remains lit at all times, at medium intensity, just like the brake light of a car. As the rider slows down, Cosmo Connected activates a higher intensity light – thus, it ensures that the rider is permanently visible in any environment, even in complete darkness.

Integrating a fall detector, Cosmo Connected offers yet another innovative functionality: it automatically generates an alert to emergency call centers that can prevent medical response teams in case of an accident (included in a subscription). It can also alert family members or close ones, by text or email (free option). Moreover, the device that is attaches to the helmet via a bracket and magnets can detach when bumped, to avoid risking further head trauma.

Romain Afflelou, president of Cosmo Connected is rejoiced by the distribution of Cosmo Connected in the UK: “We are very happy to finally make Cosmo Connected available in the UK, to all riders and their close ones. Visibility is a constant struggle for motorcyclists, so a detachable helmet light that automatically activates offers them security and gives them back their piece of mind, on all roads and at all times”.

In November, Cosmo Connected will be available all over Europe in a network of more than 15 retailers and on Amazon Launchpad, a platform dedicated to the most innovative products.

Technical Features:

  • Size: 139mm x 43,5 mm x 51,6 mm (L x l x h)
  • Weight: les than 150 g
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Main components: Accelerometer / Gyrometer; Lithium Accumulator; Bluetooth®; LED
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Methyl Polymethacrylate
  • EliumStudio Design

Cosmo Connected is available at Harrods, on Amazon Launchpad and on (shipping worldwide), at the price of £119. Cosmo Connected is available in two colors: white, and black (mate and gloss finish).

About Cosmo Connected
Cosmo Connected is a French startup specializing in connected objects for the physical safety of motorcyclists. It was founded in 2015 by Romain Afflelou (President) and Frédéric Metge (Managing Director) that brought together their financial and industrial know-how and expertise in distribution. The patent for Cosmo Connected has been filed in 151 countries.

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