Dainese To Unveil The New D-air® Range At EicmaThe Dainese Group is heading to EICMA to present the third generation of the D-air® airbag, a line of racing and road products that is now available for women as well. The Vicenza-based brand will also showcase Explorer, the collection designed for Adventure and Road touring. AGV will present the new AX9 helmet and the new graphics for the Legends line.

The 2019 D-air® range marks the debut of the third generation of the Dainese airbag, which possesses improved ergonomics and efficiency. The bag and algorithm were specifically designed according to use, taking into account the different ways it can be activated and the most exposed areas of the body. For the track, there’s now the new Misano 2 D-air®, the professional suit made of leather. The airbag is also making its debut in some of Dainese’s most iconic road products, from the Avro D-air® suit, to the leather Racing 3 D-air® jacket and the Carve Master 2 D-air®, the Gore-Tex garment dedicated to sport touring.The Tuono D-air®, the top-of-the-line, completes the collection. A number of garments are now also available for women, like the Misano 2 Lady D-air®, the first professional leather suit for women equipped with an airbag, the Avro Lady D-air®and the Racing 3 Lady D-air®. The products from the Lady line faithfully reflect the features of the airbags present in the men’s line, such as the bag, which possesses internal microfilaments protected by 27 patents.

These microfilaments are the distinctive feature of the D-air® bag, which forms the heart of the system. It’s the key feature that prevents it from losing its shape and guarantees controlled inflation along with even pressure and protection over the entire surface. Thanks to ongoing research and the analysis of more than 2,000 activations, the bag in the D-air® system is designed to only cover the areas of the body that actually need protection, allowing it to strike a perfect balance between safety and ergonomics, ensured by a system that is 37% lighter than the previous version. The completely invisible airbag is now better integrated into garments and guarantees comfort equal to that of a traditional jacket.

Dainese is also unveiling at EICMA Explorer, the new collection that is the fruit of research conducted in conjunction with MIT to develop space suits by analysing, studying and mapping “lines of non-extension”: areas of the body along which body movement causes neither stretching or contraction. The result of this knowledge is unbeatable lightness and comfort. The pieces in this collection were created to protect drivers and passengers from the most extreme climates and adverse weather conditions.The Antartica suit is the key piece of the Explorer collection and marries protection, comfort and style for the Adventure world, offering exceptional isolation from the outside temperature and atmospheric agents.The Antartica suit is joined by the Gran Turismo, which was designed for road touring and long days on the bike, keeping steering as easy as possible thanks to its superior fit.

Alongside Explorer will be the unveiling of the AGV AX9, the new helmet that, together with SPORTMODULAR, completes the AGV touring range. The AX9 helmet is designed for long trips, fulfilling the need for top-of-the-line comfort with its high quality interior and advanced ventilation system. The fibre composite shell makes the AX9 one of the lightest helmets in its segment.The Pista GP R and Corsa R, at the top of the racing range, in addition to two new Legends X3000 and X70 liveries, will also be showcased, together with the touring line.

All of the new Dainese Group products being introduced at EICMA 2018 will be on display in Pavilion 15, Stand I06.