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David Shoubridge wins the 2022 Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup Championship at Brands Hatch

David Shoubridge wins the 2022 Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup Championship at Brands Hatch

David Shoubridge Wins The 2022 Ducati Performance Trioptions Cup Championship At Brands HatchDavid Shoubridge wins the 2022 Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup Championship at Brands Hatch, with Curtis Wright claiming the last ever Ducati Cup race win.

The Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup has now come to an end at Brands Hatch, after featuring as a support class at British Superbikes for over a decade. The last round saw the championship decided, and a new race winner.

Race 1
Avon Davie claimed his first Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup win during the weekend’s opening race at the final round at Brands Hatch on Saturday but it was David Shoubridge who had the biggest reason to celebrate after claiming the championship with a race to spare.

Shoubridge led for the first half of the wet race on the Rich Energy Ducati Panigale V2, but was passed on Lap 5 by JDF Racing’s Davie, who went on to take the flag and his maiden Ducati Cup win.

With dry lines appearing Shoubridge was closed down by Tom Tunstall (Motorcycle Race Parts) and Curtis Wright (Kyjax Racing) in the final laps, with the riders claiming second and third respectively.

But Shoubridge’s fourth place finish was enough to see him take the 2022 title with a race in hand.

Philip Atkinson (Q-Oil Treatments / Unique Motorsport) and Bob Collins (Team Aramex / ULS) completed the top six finishers.

The Ducati Cup championship comes to an end this season and sees its last ever race run tomorrow afternoon. Race winner Davie lines up on pole and will be joined on the front row by Wright in second and Tunstall in third, with champion Shoubridge starting his race from fourth.

David Shoubridge Wins The 2022 Ducati Performance Trioptions Cup Championship At Brands Hatch
Race 1 podium

David Shoubridge (Rich Energy Ducati #86) – 4th
2022 Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup Champion

“We finally did it. The number one! We are the last Ducati TriOptions Cup champion. Really, really pleased. It’s been a tough old road to get to where we are. We’ve been campaigning the championship now for probably four-five years. And it’s great to end the last season in the best possible position.

A big thanks to my team. A big thanks to my sponsors, Rich Energy and Xpel have really stuck by me and made a big difference. But most importantly my dad, my family, all the team that have just trapsed around the country and helped me every single weekend. So, thank you very much.

Big congratulations to Adon Davie on his first win. He’s a mint little rider and he deserved the big win. I nearly got enticed by Tom when he came past me, trying to drag me into a mistake but I had to let him go and try to play it safe. But I wanted to do it today so we could run the number one plate tomorrow. Thank you very much to everyone who has supported me and long may it continue.”

Phil Shoubridge
Team Principal, Rich Energy Ducati

“A great way to finish the last ever Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup series. We’ve been chipping away for a few years and kind of felt it was ours to take this year. It’s been great that it’s been decided at the last round and David’s been kept honest by all the competition. It looks like it was a sensible ride, so rather than a ride with glory today, just brought it home to do enough and finally win the championship. A great way to finish it.”

Adon Davie (JDF Racing #38) – 1st
“That was definitely an entertaining race. Dave came past in the first couple of laps, and I thought he obviously had the confidence to go flat out straight away whereas I waited to build heat into the tyres. And then I slowly seemed like I was drawing him back in and passed him. I knew he had the championship on the line, so I thought I’d be better going in front and doing my own race anyway.

Definitely happy with that and the win goes out to Chrissy Rouse and all his family. Obviously, It’s been a tough week for everybody, especially in our team with John’s connection to Chrissy. So, that one goes to him. Delighted to have won my first race in the TriOptions at the last round.”

Tom Tunstall (Motorcycle Race Parts #21) – 2nd
“Obviously good to be on the podium, it always is. A little bit bittersweet as I’ve finally had to let go of the championship. I kind of have to remind myself that we came into the year to enjoy racing again, just a bit of a fresh start reset. I did that quite early on really and I wouldn’t say leading the championship got in the way, but it changed the dynamic a little bit.

I’m not unhappy at all with my season. Been on the podium pretty much every race and I was pleased with my own performance as well. Finally beaten Shouey a swell which is a nice little scalp! And in fairness to him he’s done a fantastic job all year. He’s been batting away at it for four, five years, and fair play to him for putting it all together. One more go tomorrow!”

Curtis Wright (Kyjax Racing #74) – 3rd
“Stressful, it really was! I was quite happy with conditions. Getting the launch of the line was quite difficult, everybody seemed to come past me. And then I tensed up, got arm pump, and the first three of four laps I was just trying to manage my concentration. Settled down into a rhythm and started chipping away once I’d calmed down and the other guys were coming back towards me which was good. Just frustrating that I didn’t have a little more in the tank to get one step higher. But the leader was away with it so congratulations to him.”

Race 1 video:

Race 2
Wildcard Kyjax Racing rider Curtis Wright bettered Saturday’s third place podium with a race win at Brands Hatch on Sunday morning, the last ever for the Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup.

Wright had built up an impressive lead over the rest of the field in slippery conditions when the Safety Car came out on Lap 4 after Lee Devonport (Team Aramex / ULS) crashed out. The race was then declared after the red flag came out on Lap 7 with Wright taking the win, and Atkinson and Tunstall joining him on the podium in second and third respectively.

James Kelly (Art of Racing), Matthew Jones (Dragon Racing), and Collins completed the top six finishers.

David Shoubridge Wins The 2022 Ducati Performance Trioptions Cup Championship At Brands Hatch
Shoubridge running the Number 1 in Race 2

2022 championship standings
1. David Shoubridge – 308 points
2. Tom Tunstall – 294 points
3. Blaze Baker – 174 points
4. Max Lofthouse – 164 points
5. Adon Davie – 140 points
6. Michael Tustin – 140 points
7. Mark Bridger – 128 points
8. Matthew Jones – 119 points
9. Philip Atkinson – 121 points
10. Bob Collins – 106 points

David Shoubridge Wins The 2022 Ducati Performance Trioptions Cup Championship At Brands Hatch
True Heroes Racing

Curtis Wright (Kyjax Racing #74) – 1st
“It feels so surreal, honestly. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this. I knew what I would like but I never thought I’d be podiuming. Third position in qualifying yesterday was the highlight but managed to pull it off in the race yesterday was really something special. We made a few changes for today, as the bike was moving all over the place, even in a straight line. So, we made a few tweaks here and there, a new wet tyre for this race and setup made it that much easier. And I had a bit more in the bag if I needed it. I couldn’t believe the gap behind me so when the safety car came out and I looked behind me I was really disappointed but I’m glad to hear that everyone is safe and the rider that went down should be ok.”

Philip Atkinson (Q-Oil Treatments / Unique Motorsport #7) – 2nd
“Yesterday in the wet we had a bit of a suspension issue, and it was a little bit too stiff. So, coming into the turns on the engine braking the bike was a bit unstable, so we had to backwards a bit yesterday. If I had been on full wets, I thought I maybe could have had a podium but today we made some changes, felt real good. I couldn’t get the guy who was at the front, he got me on the first lap. But with the safety car coming out I thought we could probably have a go to try and get the win. But I’m happy with a podium again. I missed a few rounds this year, fresh back from a two-and-a-half-year layoff so a big thanks to all the sponsors, Q-Oil Treatments, Unique Motorsport, all my friends and family who have helped out. Obviously, I’d like to dedicate this second place to Chrissy, he was a long-term friend, and I had some really great battles with him from 2010 to 2014.”

Tom Tunstall (Motorcycle Race Parts #21) – 3rd
“It was a bit crazy that race. I was satisfied with the choice we made, it’s not easy for anyone but I was happy with the choice. Not a fantastic first lap, just trying to build into it really. Basically, got into a good rhythm, pulling onto the back, getting a nice pace. Safety car was helping us in some respects, but we got caught short. It felt like there was a good opportunity there, and there were a couple of people on the wrong tyres maybe, so that was also another opportunity.

I’m really gutted not to get a win, I think after all this year, and all the effort we’ve put in, I definitely feel like we’re owed one! But I’ve had good fun, so can’t complain. It’s been a good year and I’ve loved riding the V2, it’s a fantastic bike. We’ve got to see what we do next year now.”

Steve Plater, Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup Ambassador
“Sunshine at Brands Hatch for the final ever Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup. A red flag, and a couple of riders down, and thoughts are with those first and we hope they’re all ok. But it was a good end really. It was a shame Tom Tunstall didn’t get a race win, he’s had so many second places throughout the season and second in the championship but fair play to David Shoubridge, a deserved champion.”

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