Diogo Moreira Takes Rookies Cup Debut Pole In PortimaoA sensational start to the 2021 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup season with Diogo Moreira overcoming windy conditions in Portimão to claim pole in his debut Qualifying.

A week before his 17th birthday he was on the pace all through the day and posted a time early in the final session that remained unbeaten, just 0.185 seconds quicker than Spanish 16-year-old Àlex Millan. David Muñoz the 14-year-old completes the front row edging out fellow Spaniard, 16-year-old Marcos Uriarte.

Moreira making history
“It’s my first race in the Red Bull Rookies Cup and my first pole. I’m very happy with that. It was a good lap, in the first corner I tried to brake later. The bike is very good, we changed the suspension a bit today and now the bike is perfect,” he stated, explaining that even after last week’s three day test it was still possible to improve. “I’ll try to escape in the first lap… and let’s see.”

Millan making progress
“We worked a lot this winter to try to be competitive this season,” he explained referring to his 15th place ranking in his first season, 2020, where his best finish was 8th. “In the test we work a lot to find the set up. It was a tough Qualifying because it is windy and there were a lot of riders but I’m very happy and tomorrow we will fight for the win.”

“We are all on a high level and it was difficult because you have to think about all the other riders but we had a good strategy in this Qualifying and I’m very happy.”

David Muñoz cautiously optimistic
“I am very happy for today and the feeling with the bike is very good. The track was a little slippery but it was good and I think it will be good for the race tomorrow starting from the front row, we’ll see.”

Uriarte is ready to race
I’m, happy with the position but I’m not very happy with how I managed the Qualifying because I did the time riding solo and because of this I finished in P4 but I am very happy with the setting of the bike. Tomorrow we can overtake and we are starting in the second row, not bad.”

“I could push a little bit more but today the wind was very hard and it was difficult. I think tomorrow will be a group of 5 or 6 riders…. and.. I don’t know,” he laughs. “I would like to win. I think I can manage the race and win.”

This weekend’s Rookies Cup races can be seen live on www.redbull.tv and on TV stations around the world.

Race 1 is at 16:30 CET on Saturday and Race 2 is on Sunday at 16:00, the show starts 10 minutes before the race.

For more info checkout our dedicated Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup News page Rookies Cup News

Or visit the official Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup website rookiescup.redbull.com/

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