The popularity of the Southern 100 means that the race programme is much larger than it once was. A consequence is that racing starts early on Thursday morning leaving no time to compile reports on Wednesday evening’s racing. The evening was overcast; fairly warm and the roads were dry. First race was the Ellan Vannin Fuels Senior Race for 1000cc machines. Dean Harrison was quickest away from the lights and led by 10m from Ivan Lintin coming into Ballabeg on lap 1. James Cowton was third coming in but had that taken away by a lunge up the inside from Mikey Evans, Rob Hodson and Adam McLean completed the top 6. Then came the cavalry charge; it was amazing how the riders all found space on the fairly narrow track.

Dean Harrison leading into Ballabeg.

These six remained the same on lap 2; with Harrison opening a decisive gap with a lap at 112.799mph; the best of the race. Ivan Lintin; now more comfortable on the big bikes set his best ever lap of 111.948mph on his way to another podium finish. Evans’ misfortune promoted Cowton the final step of the podium. Newcomer Davey Todd was very impressive; closing on the leader board riders as he settled into the race and upped his pace to over 110mph. McLean was also lapping at over 110mph and eventually able to pass Hodson to take 5th place by 0.088s.

Adam McLean leading Davey Todd and Rob Hodson.

As the race progressed Evans edged ever closer to Lintin and on lap 6 tried to repeat the overtak ing manoeuvre used earlier. Lintin was aware of his presence; moved wide and let Evans have the inside. This time it went wrong for Evans; he came in too hot and lost the front end; sliding into the air fence; fortunately without injury. Lintin, having taken the wide line, was able to avoid Evans and continued on his way. Todd managed to make further progress; passing both Hodson and McLean to secure a superb 4th placed finish by just 0.0272. Ryan Kneen; riding under number 14 in honour of his late brother Dan secured an fine 7th place on his BMW.

Ellan Vannin Fuels Senior Race

  1. Dean Harrison             Silicone Kawasaki                             111.099mph
  2. Ivan Lintin                  Dafabet Kawasaki                             110.599mph
  3. James Cowton             McAdoo Kawsaki                               109.728mph
  4. Davey Todd                 Burrows Suzuki                                108.451mph
  5. Adam McLean              McAdoo Kawasaki                             108.448mph
  6. Rob Hodson                 BMW                                               108.439mph

The next race was the Mike Kerruish Plumbing 250/650cc Race. This was expected to be a very close battle between Ivan Lintin and James Cowton. The fastest from the lights was Cowton; he led through Ballakaighen but Lintin was able to slipstream and then pass going into Iron Gate. At Ballabeg; he led by10m; with Cowton 20m ahead of the main pack that was led by Jonathan Perry, Joey Thompson and Adam McLean.

Ivan Lintin on his way to victory.

The lead had doubled on lap 2; with Cowton 4s ahead of the chasing pack of Thompson, McLean, Hodson and Perry. Davey Todd was having another good ride in 7th; whilst Rhys Hardisty was the leading 250cc rider in 10th. Lintin set the best lap of the race on lap 3 at 104.649mph; pulling further away from Cowton.  He continued to ease further ahead and eventually won the race by 7.946s. Things were closer behind; with Thompson winning his duel with Hodson by 0.008s and McLean keeping Perry at bay by 0.089s. Todd finished 7th, with fellow newcomer Barry Furber taking 9th.

James Cowton.

Mike Kerruish Plumbing 250/650cc Race

  1. Ivan Lintin          Dafabet Kawasaki                            102.524mph
  2. James Cowton     McAdoo Kawasaki                           101.622mph
  3. Joey Thompson   Paton                                             101.103mph
  4. Rob Hodson        Kawasaki                                        101.103mph
  5. Adam McLean     McAdoo Kawasaki                            100.035mph
  6. Jonathan Perry    Kawasaki                                        100.025mph

Next it was the turn of the fastest of the 600cc riders to contest the Radcliffe Butchers’ sponsored race. Leading the charge into Ballabeg on lap 1 was Adam McLean; tightly packed behind him were Dean Harrison, James Cowton, Joey Thompson, Mikey Evans, Davey Todd and Jamie Coward. Behind them the field managed to pick their way around the corner; even if some paint was exchanged. On lap 2 matters were more orderly; McLean led from Harrison, Cowton, Thompson, Evans and Lintin.

Adam McLean leading the charge into Ballabeg.

Lap 3 saw Harrison in the lead with McLean and Cowton right on his tail. They had opened a gap of 2s over Lintin, Evans and Coward, with Thompson 20m astern in 7th place. Lap 3 and the leading group was down to 2; with Cowton now 1.5s behind his team mate. Lintin was 4th; but being closed down by Coward; Evans held the final leader board place. The gaps were larger on the next lap as the pace increased. Harrison put in the best lap of the race on lap 5 at 110.659mph; with McLean also going over 110mph. Coward had found a way past Lintin and held him off to the finish aided by a final lap at 109.590mph. Joey Thompson was a retirement on this lap. The positions were now settled and Harrison duly came home to win by 2.64s with Cowton 1.67 behind his McAdoo team mate.

Davey Todd leading Jamie Coward.

Radcliffe Butchers’ 600cc Race

  1. Dean Harrison      Silicone Kawasaki                            108.637mph
  2. Adam McLean       McAdoo Kawasaki                            108.346mph
  3. James Cowton      McAdoo Kawasaki                            108.164mph
  4. Jamie Coward       Prez Yamaha                                   107.730mph
  5. Ivan Lintin           Dafabet Kawasaki                             107.458mph
  6. Michael Evans      Wilcock Honda                                 106.806mph

The ever darkening evening was scheduled to end with the first of the Sidecar races. On the warm up lap one of the outfits (I will not name and shame) dropped a copious amount of oil on the track from Ballabeg to Ballawhetstone. There was no way in which the track could be made safe before the road closure expired; consequently racing was abandoned for the night.