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Drift Innovation Ghost 4k+ Action Cam ReviewToday, we will take a comprehensive look at the Drift Ghost 4K+ which I have recently been testing. The Ghost 4K+ is the flagship action cam currently offered by Drift Innovation and it has got plenty of features under its compact body.

Everything you need to get started thankfully came in the box. As I plan to use this camera while testing several bikes I opted for the helmet mount rather than the handlebar mount (which I believe is an optional extra). I went for the curved mount which adhered to my LS2 helmet nice and firmly.Drift Innovation Ghost 4k+ Action Cam Review

I then read the instructions to setup the camera with the many options which are quite self-explanatory like recording mode, view angle, recording quality, battery life, remaining capacity etc. The back of the camera has a small LCD screen which like me who needs glasses to read I feel is tad small. That said whilst on the bike the camera can be controlled via the Drift Life app.

Drift Innovation Ghost 4k+ Action Cam Review

Note: I was supplied with bluetooth remote which you can wear like a watch and operator the camera, however after further examination on the website this item does not work with the Ghost 4k+

Whilst on the bike, the buttons are easy enough to sue with a gloved hand if you don’t want to use the app and the camera is light and slim enough that you forget it’s there.

Just like other Drift cameras, the Ghost 4K+ is also a side mountable camera that is capable of enduring harsh conditions owing to its impeccable build quality. However if you plan to use it in wet weather or near water/snow you can purchase a waterproof housing.Aprilia RSV4 Factory

I wore the Drift on a test ride and couldn’t attach to handle bar to test the vibration mount so attached it to my helmet as you will see in the video further below below. Wearing on the cam on a helmet means much more versatility you can hoe on and off your bike (or bikes as it was a number of test bikes)

The camera comes supplied with a 32GB SD card however I feel if you going to be shooting 4K video this will be not be enough.

The 4K+ version of the Ghost series takes the frame and video quality to the next level due to its capability to record 4K UHD videos at a stunning 30 frames per second. The video captured covers a wide-angle that allows you to dive into the finest details and lets you cherish those moments at a later stage. I didn’t had any difficulty on the road when shifting from either 4K to 2.7K or even 1080p as the settings menu is quite intuitive and the light indicator further helps in simplifying the task. The frames per second increase to a whopping 120 for 1080p resolution and they further elevate to 240 if the quality is set at 720p. Such a huge number of FPS deliver an immersive experience which is also a great feature if you want to make high-end YouTube videos from your Ghost 4K+.

Drift Innovation Ghost 4k+ Action Cam ReviewBesides a great video output that is stabilized for both the photos and the videos, the Ghost 4K+ is also integrated with dual mics that help in reducing the wind whistle and improving the voice clarity. For me, the built-in mics worked ok, but you can also attach an external one using the USB port provided on the side. The good thing is you don’t have to buy an external microphone since it is already included in the package. Moreover, the 1500mAh battery has enough juice to last for 3-4 hours even on 4K recording, though the camera will get a bit hot due to intensive operation for a longer period of time.

The battery life can further be extended according to the website to 5 hours by connecting an external battery, a 500mAh module is included in the pack, but higher capacity packs are also compatible. Bluetooth microphones can also be linked to the device using a dedicated BT Audio module available.

You can download your files via usb to your PC or MAC in my case which is far easier that taking the sd card out and finding a card reader.

The Drift Life mobile app came in handy during the rest stop as it allowed me to cease the recording using my mobile phone from afar. The built-in Wi-Fi connects the Ghost 4K+ to the app seamlessly and lets you remotely control several functions from up to 33 feet away.

You can apparently live stream using a Huawei device but as I have an iPhone couldn’t test this option.

Overall, the Drift Ghost 4K+ is a great all-round action cam that’s fairly easy to setup that provides a crystal-clear video feed without any distortion. A combination of numerous features and a good accessory package that comes with it further makes it a good competitor to other cameras available out there. It also performs well when it comes to harsher conditions. Therefore, you should try and opt for the flagship model by Drift Innovation as it is worth the money.

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