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Dynamic Duo For Winter Battery Care

OptiMate Bronze Series Duo chargers make winter battery care foolproof and futureproof, automatically charging and maintaining both regular AGM and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) LFP starter batteries. 

Motorcycle batteries take a real hammering during the winter months – whether riding or storing. Lower temperatures slow the chemical reaction inside, reducing capacity, and the battery also uses energy to keep itself alive. On top of that, charge is lost to alarms, immobilisers, clocks and on-board computers.

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep the battery working at full capacity, and reduce the likelihood of failure, even more so if the bike runs a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) LFP starter battery.

Increasingly widespread as OEM units, Li-ion batteries need considerably more charge and maintenance than their AGM counterparts, yet often owners aren’t aware whether their machine has one fitted. Attempting to top up a Li-ion battery with the wrong charger can cause overheating, resulting in complete failure and, in extreme cases, fire.

OptiMate Duo battery chargers automatically detect whether the battery is AGM or Lithium and charge accordingly: no need to pre-select or remove the battery from the bike.

  • OptiMate 1 Duo (RRP £39.99 inc VAT) is ideal for charging and maintaining most motorcycle and scooter batteries under four years-old.
  • OptiMate 2 Duo (RRP £67.99 inc VAT) delivers 2 Amps charge current for larger 12V motorcycle batteries, as well as cars, ride-on mowers, etc.

Both versions are compatible with all 12V AGM, GEL and STD lead acid batteries, as wells as 12.8V / 13.2V Lithium-ion LFP (LiFePO4) units, keeping the user informed about battery condition and state of charge with an-easy-to-read LED display.

Designed to be connected long-term, with built-in protection from spark, overcharge and short-circuit, they keep the battery at 100% charge, ready for action when you press the starter button for the first time in weeks or even months.

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