Energica Ego / Ego+Energica EGO / EGO+: High performing electric motorcycles

POWER: 107 kW – 145 hp
TORQUE: 215 Nm – 159 ft lb
TOP SPEED: 240 km/h – 150 mph

One of the world’s most powerful and advanced motorcycles that’s also electric.

Race bikes are optimized for performance, but translating that safely to the street can be difficult. The challenge begins once you take it to the road.

The reasons why Dorna chose Energica as single manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE™ are why you should consider Energica as your mount for everyday riding.

Our approach means that the immense power and acceleration we give you is tempered by safety features, rider-aid technology, and real-world reliability that brings our racing experience to your local roads in a considered and genuinely appropriate way.

This means innovative software and design, high-tech engineering of major elements, and reaching out for best-quality components resulting in one of the world’s most powerful and advanced electric motorcycles.

Ten years tested on the road and track, for your special enjoyment.
Energica Even More.

Electric motorcycle Energica Ego


When the Energica Ego burst on the motorcycle scene, nothing like it yet existed.

Since then constant upgrades have taken place, and it remains the most powerful and sophisticated electric motorcycle homologated for street use anywhere in the world.

Our base version has the 13.4 kWh battery, providing up to 200 Km/120 miles of city riding, 160 km/100 miles of combined city/highway or 120 km/70 miles of sustained highway riding. Linear acceleration with peak 200 Nm/148 lb. ft. on tap all the way from 0 to 4,700 rpm and top 107 kW/145 HP spreading 4,900 rpm to 10,500 rpm. Energica Connected Ride – Long range connectivity as well as short-distance Bluetooth is now included.

Electric motorcycle Energica Ego


Energica takes another giant step in EV technology thanks directly to our intensive MotoE™ race experience.

The upgraded Energica Ego+ has a new, larger, 21.5 kWh lithium ion battery derived from our race bikes. With 62% more capacity, it is far more powerful than any other electric motorcycle on public roads, with torque at an astonishing 215 Nm/159 lb. ft.

The result: enhanced traveling ranges, at 400 km/250 miles for urban riding, 230 km/143 miles for combined riding; and 180 km/112 miles for freeways and long open roads.

No stock electric motorcycle has a longer range. Or charges as quickly.

For more info check out their website Energica EGO / EGO+

Energica Ego / Ego+Energica Ego / Ego+

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