Energica Eva Esseesse9 / Eva Esseesse9+ Energica EVA EsseEsse9/ EVA EsseEsse9+:The first “classic” electric motorcycle

POWER: 80 kW – 109 hp
TORQUE: 200 Nm – 148 ft lb
TOP SPEED: 200 km/h – 125 mph

The classically refined version of our Eva streetfighter.

Eva EsseEsse9 is inspired by the real name of Via Emilia, historic road crossing the Italian Motor Valley. Via Emilia is one of the oldest Italian roads, built by the Roman consul Marco Emilio Lepido in 187 BC to connect Rimini to Piacenza.

You might say that the Italian tradition of combining beautiful design with practical engineering goes back a long, long way.

Yet this beauty is merely a skin for the beast that lurks beneath.

Immense torque and acceleration are tamed by top-end Brembo brakes and Marzocchi suspension, switchable Bosch ABS, Energica eABS and adjustable traction control, all directed by our VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) – the most developed engine technology available.

Like all our motorcycles, the Eva EsseEsse9 has an exclusive feature: Slow Charge and DC Fast Charge capability provided as standard equipment to the rider; and in the Eva EsseEsse9+ version, 400 km of city range, 230 km of combined city and highway range, and 180 km of highway riding: no motorcycle in this class has greater range – or faster charging, at least 82% faster than any other electric motorcycle on the market.

Relaxed, refined, easy to ride, and very, very beautiful – yet loaded with power.
Classic Italian Style

Energica Eva EsseEsse9


The classic Energica Eva EsseEsse9 is a brave, enthusiastic and heartful motorcycle on which the structural components are on sight.

Powered by an oil-cooled, permanent magnet three-phase AC electric motor the Eva EsseEsse9 has no engine vibes but the Italian machine has character all of its own.

In Eva EsseEsse9 Man and Progress have finally found what they’re always looking for: technology and passion.

Energica Eva EsseEsse9


Torque bumps up to 200 Nm., but what most riders will especially savor is the larger 21.5 kW max. battery on the Eva EsseEsse9+. 62% more capacity model means you now have more far range than any other electric motorcycle on public roads: a stunning 400 km for meandering through City streets, 230 km on call for your mixed urban and freeway travel, and 180 km for really rapid exploration of your throttle’s highway potential.

On top of this, the Energica charges at least 82% faster than any other electric motorcycle, so you don’t just get to your destination more speedily, you are back on your way more quickly as well.

For more info check out their website Energica EVA EsseEsse9 / EVA EsseEsse9+

Energica Eva Esseesse9 / Eva Esseesse9+ Energica Eva Esseesse9 / Eva Esseesse9+

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