Motorcycle clothing specialist, Furygan, has introduced a number of new gloves into its collection for 2020, including a range of gloves featuring 37.5® Technology, which helps to keep your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius and helps to keep the microclimate next to your skin at the ideal relative humidity of 37.5%. When you’re hot, patented active particles embedded in the material remove sweat in the form of vapour stage before liquid sweat forms, cooling you down. When you’re cold, those same active particles trap your energy to help warm you up.

Here are five gloves that you can get your hands on – and into – now…

Explore The New Glove Collection From Furygan
Midland (left) Midland Ladies (right)

Midland D3O® 37.5® & Midland Ladies D3O® 37.5®
A pair of all-season motorcycle gloves that capture and eliminate moisture, helping you stay cool and dry in all climates. The Midland style glove has been upgraded this year with the inclusion of 37.5® technology.

Made from goat leather, the latest Midland glove features the 37.5® technology within its lining accompanied by a waterproof and breathable membrane. This enables riders to stay at the optimum temperature by capturing and releasing moisture vapour. In addition to this technology, Furygan has equipped this particular glove with their Sensitive Science insert to allow users to operate any touchscreen device while wearing the gloves. As ever, Furygan has provided exceptional safety by featuring D3O protection around the palm and back of the hands.

Available in sizes S-3XL, the Midland D3O® 37.5® glove is also available in a ladies fit, the Midland Ladies D3O® 37.5®. Both the Midland D3O® 37.5® & Midland Ladies D3O® 37.5® gloves are available in sizes XS-XL with an RRP of £74.99.

Explore The New Glove Collection From FuryganLand Ladies D3O® 37.5®
Furygan is proud to launch an industry first with its partnership with 37.5®. This new technology assists performance by reducing humidity next to the skin and therefore, maximizing cooling through evaporation.

The beauty of a classic is knowing how to renew and improve the product, without losing its original charm. Now complete with 37.5® technology for temperature control, the Land Lady D3O 37.5® pushes the technological limits for motorcycling apparel by providing the optimal performance in colder weather. Constructed by a mixture of Goat leather and Neoprene the Land Lady D3O 37.5® provides CE approved safety levels by reinforcing the palm and metacarpal areas with D3O®. The comfort of the glove is supplied by its waterproof and breathable membrane which uses the 37.5® technology in the glove lining and padding. The glove features a thermal dual Lining for optimal protection against the cold whilst still providing good feeling on the levers. Furygan has also included a handy rubber visor wipe on the left thumb, a thoughtful extra for those who are not put off by wet conditions.

Available in sizes XS-XL, the Land Lady D3O® 37.5® glove has an RRP of £89.99.

Explore The New Glove Collection From Furygan
Furyshort (left) & Furylong (right)

Furyshort D3O® & Furylong D3O®
The brand-new Furyshort and Furylong gloves have been specifically designed to provide warm, dry and comfortable protection for riders hands no matter what the weather throws at them.

Both gloves pack the same great features, but – as the name would suggest – the Furylong has a longer-length cuff. There are multiple metacarpal reinforcements constructed from D3O® on the top of the CE-approved gloves, with further protection around the areas of the palm that often receive the most abrasion whilst riding. They house a waterproof and breathable liner accompanied by a winter thermal lining, making for a warm and dry glove. They come complete with Furygan’s Sensitive Science inserts so that riders don’t need to take their hands out of the gloves when using phones and other touch screen devices – handy!

The Furyshort D3O® has an RRP of £69.99 and the Furylong® is £79.99. Both are available in UK dealers now in sizes S-3XL.

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