Many celebrities from all walks of life love riding motorbikes, from actors like Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves to TV stars such as Jay Leno.

Yet, you might not realise how many of your favourite sports stars also enjoy getting out on two wheels.  The following are some of the biggest names in sport who love riding bikes. Careful if you ever see one of them around in two wheels!

David Beckham
Having retired from a hugely successful career with teams such as Manchester United and Real Madrid, Beckham now presumably has move time to enjoy the vast collection of fast cars and powerful motorbikes that he has built up.

His extensive bike collection includes Harleys and Triumphs, which he is often seen out and about on. Beckham´s reputation for riding bikes was boosted in 2014 when he took part in the BBC´s ‘Into the Unknown’ documentary while riding around Brazil.

Other football stars to enjoy this hobby include Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney. Ian Wright also took part in a TV series that showed him riding a Harley-Davidson across America.

LeBron James
One of the biggest names in the NBA, James recently won his fourth championship and is widely regarded as being among the best players to ever compete in the sport. Basketball players are usually contractually obliged to not carry out potentially dangerous hobbies like riding motorbikes.

However, James revealed a few years that he rode a Harley-Davidson. At the time, he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who weren´t very happy with him for doing this. He later pointed out that that he owned a set of bikes, but that his team ride them more than he does.

American sports stars in the NFL and NBA tend to have this sort of clause in their sports. Michael Jordan is one of the basketball players who turned to riding after retirement, as the man who was the deciding factor in so many NBA betting analysis could finally enjoy his passion for motorbikes.

Mike Tyson
If there is one sports star that it is easy to imagine riding a motorbike it is Mike Tyson. The boxer was famously injured in a crash in 1997, in which he had a punctured lung and broken rib. Fast-forward to 2014 and there are reports of Tyson rushing to help a biker involved in an accident in Las Vegas.

Havoc Motorcycles launched the Iron Flight: Mike Tyson Special Edition bike in 2016, with his famous facial tattoo on it. It isn´t clear whether he has a model for his own use, although it is reported that at the height of his fame he spent some $4.5 million on cars and motorcycles.

Reports from a years ago suggest that fellow boxer Evander Holyfield is a Ducati fan. The man who famously had his ear bitten by Tyson was said to be browsing bikes but was waiting to get his motorcycle license before buying one.

Rickie Fowler
Another sports star you will often see mentioned as being a motorbike fan is golfer Rickie Fowler. The former world number 1 amateur player was a huge fan of riding as he grew up, and his aim was to become a motocross star rather than a pro golfer.

His destiny was altered when he suffered a bad foot injury at the age of 15. Because of this, he changed his outlook and decided to switch to golf, although he is known to still be a huge fan of motorbikes and the subject often comes up in interviews with him.

Tiger Woods famously signed an endorsement deal with an India motorbike manufacturer, despite never having ridden one of these vehicles in his life.