Fantic Presents New 2022 Enduro And Motocross RangeThe Fantic Racing MX and Enduro ranges have been expanded with the introduction of new models and new displacements for 2022. Set to make their debut on the MX market are the four-stroke XXF 250 and XXF 450, which join the XX 250 and XX 125 two-strokes. Additionally, three core models make up the 2022 Fantic Enduro range; the XE 125 two stroke and the XEF 250 and XEF 450 four-strokes.

New two-stroke era
The experience gained with the official factory teams in top-level competition and the continuous developments of the Fantic Racing Department led by Jan Witteveen have produced the XX125 and XX250 MX machines and the XE125 Enduro model.

New four-stroke era
The new four-stroke MX and Enduro machines are developments based on Yamaha technology. These have been optimised in line with Fantic’s desire to offer a unique range of competitive racing machines. The XXF 250 power unit has been developed with the aim of maximising the performance of the Japanese twin-cam design. On the XXF 450 motor, the Fantic racing department has fine-tuned the design to make the bike more balanced and rider-friendly in all conditions.

Fantic Presents New 2022 Enduro And Motocross Range2022 MX range
The current XX 125 two-stroke is destined to make way for an all-new 2023 bike, which will be unveiled next autumn. Fantic says it will be a “revolutionary” machine.

The XX 250 two-stroke is the result of race development by the Fantic Factory Team Maddii, and comes equipped with special parts such as the Fantic Racing piston developed by Jan Witteveen. The power of its two-stroke engine is even easier to manage thanks to the Fantic control unit with double mapping and handlebar switches: Map1 is full power, while Map2 reduces the power, delays the ignition timing and is suitable for the most difficult conditions.

The Fantic exhaust system is also equipped with a top-quality Arrow aluminium silencer. The chassis features a semi-double-cradle aluminium frame, and KYB suspension with a 48 mm diameter SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork, 300 mm of travel. The monoshock rear provides 315mm of wheel travel and is separately adjustable for preload, compression and rebound. The chassis package is completed by an aluminium alloy swingarm and DID rims.

Both models are equipped with traction control and GET launch control and come equipped with the WiGET smartphone app, which allows the rider to adjust the settings of the control unit by managing the advance map and the electronic injection map.

On the XXF 250, improvements have been made to enhance performance to provide a perfect balance between power and handling. On the XXF 450, the factory has worked to offer the user a powerful 450, but at the same time an easy, intuitive and rideable motorcycle.

Strength lies in the four-stroke machines’ chassis, thanks to an aluminium perimeter frame and KYB suspension with SSS (Speed Sensitive System) forks coupled with a fully adjustable monoshock, as well as ergonomics developed by Fantic factory riders.

Fantic Presents New 2022 Enduro And Motocross RangeEnduro range
The XE 125 two-stroke builds on its success in world championship enduro events, with revised cylinder head, ignition and exhaust providing optimum performance in mixed Enduro conditions.

The aluminium semi-double cradle frame, ensures traction and stability in the fastest and roughest sections of a typical Enduro. The suspension package uses KYB SSS (Speed Sensitive System) forks with 300 mm of travel and an Enduro setting created specifically by the racing department and able to adapt, with a few clicks, to various riding styles. KYB is also used on the rear, with 315mm of wheel travel and separately adjustable for preload, compression and rebound.

The XEF 250 and XEF 450 four-strokes are designed to provide usability over the entire range of use. The XEF 250 engine, control unit, exhaust and chassis, combine to make the XEF 250 ready to compete in all conditions.

The XEF 450 is a brand new machine resulting from the work of the Fantic research and development department to get the best all-round performance from the Yamaha designed four-stroke engine.

The XEF 450 electronic management is entrusted to the Athena-GET control unit, developed by Fantic. Again, the WiGET App makes it easy to set and modify the bike’s settings according to the riding conditions. The Arrow exhaust, with aluminium silencer, is another reference to the Fantic desire to use top-class components.

The chassis is an added strength of the XEF 450, thanks to the aluminium perimeter frame and KYB multi-adjustable suspension package.

Mariano Roman, CEO of Fantic Motor explains; “We are ready to make another big leap forward, projecting our company towards interesting market scenarios.

“The completion of the racing range, both in terms of Motocross and Enduro, finally allows us to compete on equal terms with the main competitors in this sector. A sector that has always represented the highest expression of off-road technology.

“Research and development in the world of the most extreme competitions has allowed us, not only to celebrate great victories and titles, but to make available machines with a factory feel, not just simple production bikes.

“This is what makes us different from our competitors.”

The Fantic Enduro and Motocross range will be available at official Fantic dealers from September.

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