Free Tracker and top box with Piaggio Medley, Liberty and Beverly scooters until 31st May 1There is still two weeks for customers buying a new Piaggio Medley, Liberty or Beverly to get a free TRACKER (including one year’s free subscription) and top box with their new scooter.

As part of its 2019 Urban Days promotion, Piaggio is giving away a free TRACKER and top box with every new Liberty, Medley and Beverly scooter until 31st May 2019.

Choosing the right accessories is essential when it comes to maximising the effectiveness and usability of a scooter. With a free top box, customers can enjoy more convenience from their Piaggio scooter thanks to additional storage space – which makes it easier to store riding equipment, pick up the weekly shop, go to the gym or get away for the weekend.

The free TRACKER includes one year’s free subscription to TRACKER’s monitoring service, so owners can benefit from greater piece of mind when it comes to scooter security. The TRACKER will be fitted and activated by the dealer, ready for when the scooter is collected.

By partnering with TRACKER Network UK, Piaggio customers will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with its proven VHF technology. In combination with traditional security precautions, TRACKER contributes significantly to a robust defence against theft and ensures a greater chance of recovery should an owner become the victim of unscrupulous criminal activity.

Visit for more information and to find a dealer.

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