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Furygan Launches Chest Connector For Fury Airbag SystemThe innovative Fury Airbag System currently connects to compatible Furygan jackets by zipping in like a jacket liner, however now Furygan has launched a Chest Connector Pocket to connect the two front zips of the Fury Airbag System to create a standalone vest – which as a result means it can be worn under all motorcycle jackets.

Provided free-of-charge to those who have already purchased the airbag system* or to those who purchase the current Fury Airbag System in the future – the Chest Connector also houses a height-adjustable Chest Protector pocket compatible with Furygan D3O LNR chest protectors – sold separately – further improving the already robust protection offered by the system.

Those riders wanting to only add chest protection capability to their jacket, the Chest Connector Pocket can also be worn independently to the Furygan Airbag System and purchased for £36.99.

There is a double zip system so that the connector zips to both the Fury Airbag itself as well as the ‘Airbag Connect’ zips inside the jacket for an extra secure fit.

Just like the Fury Airbag System, which features breathable 3D Mesh technology to create a bridge between the outside temperature and the body as well as offering stretch and comfort, the Chest Connector preserves the airflow and helps to cool the rider down.

The Chest Connector is expected to be in UK dealers in October 2020.

The Fury Airbag uses the innovative In&Motion unit as the vest’s ‘brain’, which measures the position of the user 1000 times per second and works with an algorithm that’s always improving with the more data it’s given. If the algorithm believes that you are in an accident, it deploys and the bag is inflated immediately in just 60 milliseconds.

Once deployed, it stays inflated to prevent any resulting injury and to protect the user from any further injuries after the accident.

The system takes three hours to fully charge and offers up to 25 hours of active riding and 15 days on Auto standby mode, and once connected with Wifi or mobile data, will automatically look for updates. There are separate modes for road and track, which can be toggled between on the user-friendly, and free, In&Motion app.

The inflation module itself is housed above the CE-approved back protector integrated into the back of the vest. Not only does this offer extra back protection, but it also ensures that the inflator itself doesn’t cause injury.

Unlike many other vests on the market, the Fury Airbag can be reset at home so there’s no need to send it off to be reset by Furygan. Simply remove the discharged inflator unit housed in the back protector and replace it with a new one – the In&Motion App has a handy video guide for the first time.

The Fury Airbag vest with the In&Motion ‘brain’ has an RRP of £379.99, whilst the Airbag inflator has RRP £89.99, plus the subscription cost for In&Motion.

*Please contact your authorised Furygan dealership to find out out more. 

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