Get The Full Factory Treatment With 2021 Hm QuickshifterGet The ‘Full Factory’ Treatment With 2021 HM Quickshifter Stand Alone Blipper Shifter Upgrades

Since its launch in 2019, the innovative HM Quickshifter Stand Alone Blipper Shifter kit has been a must-have accessory for road riders and trackday addicts alike. Now, the Kent-based specialists have upgraded the plug-and-play system to include Pit Lane Limiter and Launch Control features.
When it comes to perfecting your laptime or enhancing your road riding experience, the perfect gearshift is crucial. HM Quickshifter’s ground-breaking Stand Alone Blipper Shifter system offers riders seamless up and down gearshifts.
The easy to install device adds shift and backshift functionality to any bike with ride by wire, irrespective if it already has a shifter or blipper system. Coming in both a ‘Lite’ and ‘Pro’ system, the unique device is available for some of the most popular machines on the market from the likes of BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha.
Packed with an array of features, including an auto-warmup ability that has been designed to control the throttle to warm the engine, constantly monitoring the coolant temperature until the bike reaches a pre-set coolant temperature.
Now, the forward-thinking company is giving the Stand Alone Blipper Shifter further enhancements for 2021. The Pro version will now feature a l ability. These two new features have undergone strict safety checks and will help enhance a rider’’ trackday experience. Updates will be applied automatically to all previous models when owners connect their device to their laptop, once correct software has been downloaded.
Safety is of the highest importance to HM Quickshifter. Utilising the same principles employed in military and aerospace industries, with a ‘mission critical’ design philosophy, HM Quickshifter’s system is totally disconnected from the throttle circuit when not changing gear.
When a shift signal is received, a sub-millisecond-long series of diagnostic functions kick in, and only if they are passed can the quickshifter insert itself into the throttle circuit. First, it sets a ‘deadman timer’, ensuring it will be automatically locked out of the circuit after the change, no matter what happens. Finally, if there are any errors during the shift operation, the quickshifter disconnects itself, logs an error, and switches off till it’s been fixed. So – no matter what happens, your bike is protected from an un-commanded throttle input or engine cut.
HM’s also developing further software updates, including Anti-Wheelie and Engine Brake Control functions to the Pro system. The entire HM setup can be easily programmed via a laptop, allowing regular system upgrades to be applied easily, or can be used with HM’s own colour display unit.
The new Stand Alone Shifter Blipper (SABS) is priced at just £500 for the Lite version and £600 for the Pro model (all prices plus VAT).
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Get The Full Factory Treatment With 2021 Hm Quickshifter

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