Harley-davidson Livewire Tour Is Go

Harley-Davidson UK & Ireland LiveWire® Tour goes live to showcase the highlights and advantages of owning a premium all-electric motorcycle.

Starting on 5th September, for the next five weeks, Harley-Davidson UK is introducing a LiveWire Tour to visit specialist Harley-Davidson Livewire® dealerships across the length of the UK. The LiveWire Tour consists of a specially built exhibition unit that houses a Harley-Davidson Jumpstart® unit with a specially developed rolling road that allows riding simulation.

The tour is designed to enable motorcycle licence holders and non-licence holders to see, ride and appreciate what it’s like to ride a Harley-Davidson LiveWire without covering any distance on public roads. It is a simple case of ‘start and ride’ to experience the performance of the all-new H-D Revelation™ permanent-magnet electric motor and discover a vast suite of electronic riding aids.

Licence holders full motorcycle entitlement who want to extend their experience of the machine can then put the LiveWire through its paces on a standard test ride by booking in advance with the dealership that is hosting their event.Harley-davidson Livewire Tour Is Go

With the onset of ever-tightening emissions regulations, the placement of viable alternatives to normally-aspirated engine power is rapidly gaining ground. In late 2019, Harley-Davidson took the initiative and became the first major motorcycle manufacturer to release an all-electric motorcycle, LiveWire®.

To date, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire has received major attention and rave reviews from the media – from motorcycle and automotive titles through to technology specialists – which have been echoed by the first LiveWire customers in the UK. Now it’s the turn of everyone else – from motorcyclists to fans of modern transport – to see, try and enjoy the merits of LiveWire; a premium brand, electric-powered, performance motorcycle.

The LiveWire Tour will be manned to ensure a fuss-free Jumpstart ride and, in conjunction with staff at the hosting Harley-Davidson dealership, all customer queries and advice on OLEV grants can be answered.

Bookings for the LiveWire Tour Jumpstart experience and demo rides should be booked in advance here.

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