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Head Protectors For 1250 BoxersDiscreet, lightweight and easy to fit, Wunderlich Xtreme Cylinder Head Protectors shield the 1250cc BMW Boxer twin’s vulnerable valve covers against costly and unsightly damage.

As many R-series BMW owners will know, the Boxer engine’s exposed valve and spark plug covers are constantly at risk of damage from stones, dirt and other debris thrown up from the road or trail.

Made from a tough, impact-resistant and durable plastic, Wunderlich’s Xtreme Cylinder Head Protectors act as a barrier against flying debris and provide an extra defence against scratches caused by static and low speed tumbles.

Each cover is contoured specially to wrap around each cylinder head, covering 85% of the surface, and is designed not to protrude or snag on branches and other undergrowth.

They fix directly to each head – no complex fitting kits or modifications needed, add minimal weight, and are styled to match the latest generation R-series’ styling. Since they’re plastic, they’re also corrosion-free.

The Protectors can be used on their own or fitted alongside engine bars for complete protection, and they are easy to remove for maintenance.

Wunderlich Xtreme Cylinder Head Protectors cost £199.00 per pair (including VAT) – a fraction of the cost of a replacement rocker cover – and are available exclusively through the UK’s no.1 for BMW motorcycle accessories,

They fit the following models: R 1250 GS and Adventure, R 1250 R, R 1250 RS and R 1250 RT. They are compatible with the original BMW engine bars.

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