Helite Launches The E-gp Air: The Electronic Airbag For PilotsOn the race track, very high speeds can have serious consequences on the pilots in case of a fall. It is therefore important to offer them a reliable and fast protection system adapted to their practice. After several years of research, development and numerous of tests, the French company Helite launches its new model for race track: the e-GP Air, a wireless and 100% autonomous airbag vest. This electronic model revolutionizes protection and fall detection.

The vest incorporates the “electronic airbag system” technology developed by Helite. This advanced on-board technology retains Helite’s requirements for protection and ease of use while offering a convenient system, adapted to the race track and with an ultra-fast fall detection time.

The vest is suitable for both men and women and can be worn over any race suit. It is available in 6 sizes (from S to XL-L) from £650.00 at all Airvest (Helite) in UK.

Helite Launches The E-gp Air: The Electronic Airbag For PilotsTHE TECHNOLOGY “ELECTRONIC AIRBAG SYSTEM“

Developed by Helite, this technology uses a set of on-board sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS) that analyzes the motorcyclist’s movements more than 1000 times a second which enables the system to detect falls in real time. The system ensures an optimal detection time. When a fall is detected, the airbag inflates automatically in less than 55 ms.

The fork sensor option “FULL PROTECTION“

The e-GP Air vest can also be used on the road, either with the autonomous vest only just as on the race track, or with the fork sensor option which improves the detection of road accidents such as frontal impact and impact when hit by a third party vehicle at standstill.


Just like the mechanical GP Air, which has proven itself by effectively protecting racers from hundreds of crashes on all European and world circuits, the e-GP Air retains the following advantages:

* Big protection volume: Between 17 and 28L (the biggest on the market) depending on the airbag size.

* Neck protection: the voluminous neck brace supported by the back cushions avoids hyper-extension and whiplash.

* Excellent protection of the back and thorax: Thanks to the TURTLE technology (chest and back). Just like a helmet, there is a rigid outer material (protector) and a softer inner material (airbag). The protector distributes the impact over the entire airbag.

* Aerodynamic: The vest fits over any leather suit (space left for hump).

* Reconditioning: Easy and can be reactivated by the rider in a few minutes after a fall (very convenient on the track to continue riding even after a fall).


The vest is CE certified. The electronic system has been tested by hundreds of pilots on track during the season 2018/19.

I’ve been wearing a Helite airbag since I started racing competitions. As a mom, I’m very concerned about my safety. Equipped with the mechanical version at first, I took part in the development of the electronic system. The advantage of the GP Air for me is the ease of use, reusability and ergonomics of the vest that fits very well over my leather suit. And above all the protection provided, which I’ve experienced during several falls.


* Without subscription

* Vest: £750

* E-cartridge replacement: £53 – £58

* Fork sensor (optionally): £125

Available via Airvest (Helite) in UK.

For more information on Helite (Airvest) in UK visit airvest.co.uk/

Helite Launches The E-gp Air: The Electronic Airbag For Pilots

Helite Launches The E-gp Air: The Electronic Airbag For PilotsAlso available the E-TURTLE / ROAD MODEL

Comfortable & adjustable

Fits over any motorcycle garment

25h autonomy: about 1 week

Big protection volume between 17 and 28L

Easy to reactivate by the rider within a few minutes at low cost

Optimal protection of the neck and vital parts (thorax, back, hips)

TURTLE effect: better shock distribution, risk of intrusion is reduced

* FORK SENSOR OPTION – Highly recommended: detection time divided by 2 (from 31 ms) and more accident situations covered (protection at stillstand and low speed)

For more information on Helite (Airvest) in UK visit airvest.co.uk/


HELITE was founded in 2002 by Gérard Thevenot, a French engineer specialized in fluid mechanics and passionate about light aeronautics (ULM, hang gliders, paramotors). The high accident rate in these sports led him to look for solutions for pilot protection, and so a first patent was filed for individual protection airbags.

As airbag technology is applicable to all high-risk activities, HELITE has become an expert in this field, dedicating itself exclusively to the development of individual protection systems. Our airbags are already used in a wide variety of fields such as motorcycling, horse riding, cycling, health, aeronautics, industrial work; and are also highly appreciated in top-level sports.

Helite Launches The E-gp Air: The Electronic Airbag For Pilots

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