The demand for e-cigarettes has been skyrocketing in the past few years as more cigarettes smokers across the globe are looking for safer alternatives. In 2020, the e-liquid market alone was valued at USD 1.4 million, and a compound growth rate (CAGR) of around 13.4% is expected by 2027.How Long Can Cbd Vape Juices Last?

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Vape juice is the e-liquid present in the atomizer of an e-cigarette. It consists of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) that create the base. Adding nicotine and other additives enhances the taste before the juice is packed and sold. Like most other edibles, vape juice does come with an expiry date. Buy CBD Vape juice from renowned companies that offer good quality products with printed expiry dates.

However, research suggests that the answer to the expiry date for vape juices is far more complicated. Before we delve into how or why it is so, let’s look at how long vape juice lasts.

Expiry Date
Most recognized vape juice retailers include a set expiry date. This is because food-based ingredients in the vape juice may expire, thereby changing the fluid. The shelf life of particular vape juices depends on the specific ingredients used in those vape juices and how they may alter the juice content over time. Below are signs you may look out for if the elements have

  • Changed the vape juice smell
  • Limited the density or thickness
  • Majorly impacted the color

Moreover, vape juice retailers strongly advise properly storing vape juice in a cold and dark place. They do so because the food-safe materials can expire if exposed to excessive light or heat. If the vape juice is stored appropriately, it can perhaps have a shelf life of two years.


How Long Can Cbd Vape Juices Last?

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As discussed earlier, the materials and their engagement over time and storage are two factors and determinants of the actual shelf life of a vape juice.

Can expired Vape juice still be used?
Since the printed expiration date alerts users about the potential shelf life, it is risky to vape an expired e-liquid. Usually, the date is considered as a recommendation or mandate. But, more importantly, it marks a turning point for the liquid as it marks a change in many ways. These are

  • Loss in Nicotine
  • Loss in Flavour
  • Discoloration
  • Lack of vapor

For people who use vape as an alternative to smoking, an expired vape juice will be disappointing as there is a stark reduction in nicotine content. Lastly, the food-safe ingredients may interact with the liquid differently over time. They are not hazardous over time or cause health problems. But the flavor and quality of the vapor may deteriorate. To identify if your e-juice has expired, you may note the following-

  • Smell – Most e-juices may smell bad once they are past their expiration date. This funky or odd smell can be your indication that it’s past the quality. Although this does not happen to most juices, this method could save you the risk of vaping an expired product.
  • Separation – As with most materials, the dense elements collect at the bottom if kept for some time. When shaken, the materials mix once again like a mixture. If the various components do not mix after a couple of shakes, it may be time to buy a new vaping liquid.

How to store Vape juice properly?
As mentioned earlier, properly storing vape juice contributes to the shelf life of vape juice. Adequate precaution in keeping vape juice may help extend its shelf life or help retain the prescribed flavor. These are few things you can do to make sure you store your vape juice right-

  1. Keeping them in a cool place
  2. Storing them in a dark place away from sunlight
  3. Not exposing it to other liquids
  4. Maintaining the seal

You could also keep yourself from opening many vape juices. This choice will keep you from having semi-used vape juices and allow you to make the most of the vape juice you open first. Once you have opened a vape juice pack, in most cases, it can last for one or two years from the day it’s been manufactured. Some e-juices, if stored correctly, have lasted up to five years as well.

E-liquid Steeping
E-liquid steeping is a method to enhance the flavor of the e-liquid by storing it longer. This method involves letting vape juice aside for weeks together to enhance the flavor. Prolonged storage does not cause the expiration of the vape juice. Further, keeping the storage conditions mentioned in mind to maximize its effect. Apart from storing in a cool dark place, avoiding sunlight is mandatory. Sunlight usually accelerates the components to break down, thereby reducing their quality or flavor.

Don’t leave the e-liquid in hot areas when you travel. If exposed to heat, vape juices begin to show visible color change. The best storage option for your e-liquid could be a relatively private cabinet for tightly sealed bottles without much exposure to air.

Temperature alterations
Typically, your vape juice use and the frequency of your vaping habits can decide how long e-liquids last. You can modify the heat you use with a vaporizer to conserve e-juice as well. If using a high temperature for vaping, 60ml per week can be exhausted. In contrast, vaping between an average heat of 50 to 100W and vaping a limited amount could finish around 30ml of juice per week.

Bottom Line
Awareness and caution when you purchase, use, and store e-liquids could help you go a long run in saving your vape juices. These changes not only involve buying good quality CBD vape juices but ensuring good care for the e-liquids. Your choice will depend on your vaping habits. If you begin to change them, you may alter your purchases accordingly. These will save you additional costs allowing you to experiment with fresh and new flavors in the market. The expiry date of most vape juices is a direct indicator of the quality and taste of that juice.

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