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Almost every industry in the world has been hit by the covid 19 pandemic, no matter where you live or what you do, and in many ways, life will never be the same again. If you’re a fan of motorbike racing, you may have noticed differences in the sport. We’re here to talk about what has happened, and what you might expect to see in the future of motorbiking thanks to the impact of covid 19 and the long term changes that the pandemic has brought to the world.

Where was motorbiking at before the pandemic?
Before covid 19 hit, the motorcycle industry was struggling in many ways. Crowds at sporting events were dwindling, and many fans had turned away from the sport thanks to worries about safety, and also thanks to preferences towards other sports entirely. Even Harley-Davidson, one of the biggest names in motorbiking, reported that sales were low, and stock prices were suffering as a result of this. In many ways, it felt like motorbiking might be on the decline.

How covid 19 has changed things
One of the main restrictions of covid 19 was that we could no longer take part in group or indoor events. Motorcycling events are perfect in this respect, as they are neither, meaning that apart from right at the start of the pandemic, many motorbiking sporting events could continue just as they would have done. This, coupled with the fact that so many other sports had to be cancelled or put on hold, meant that more people were choosing to watch motorbiking instead. This was largely helped by the fact that so many people were forced to stay at home, leaving them with more time to enjoy sports on the TV.

Not only did people start to sit up and take note of motorbiking as a sport, but many chose to take it up as a hobby, too. It was reported that sales of motorbikes and bicycles boomed during the pandemic, with people using the hobby as a way to get out and about without having to worry about catching the virus or breaking any of the rules that are in place. Suddenly, motorbiking became one of the safest modes of transport that people were most comfortable with.

How will this continue in the future?
Nobody knows what the future holds, but there is no doubt that more people have chosen to take up motorbiking than they would have done if the pandemic hadn’t hit at all. This means that there are more motorbikes on the road, but also that more people are choosing to take things seriously – meaning that before long there will be an influx of new blood in the world of motorbiking sporting events.

Motorbiking managed to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people, at a time when joy was quite difficult to come by. This means that people are likely to look fondly upon it in the future and continue thinking of motorbiking as a good way to spend their time. For a smooth, seamless sports betting experience, head over to OlyBet today.

Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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