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Hünersdorff fuel bottles from Nippy Normans

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Hünersdorff fuel bottles from Nippy Normans

Hünersdorff Fuel Bottles From Nippy NormansHünersdorff high quality fuel bottles, oil containers, and no-spill nozzles take the mess – and risk – out of dealing with fluids in the workshop and on the road.

Made in Germany to the stringent DIN EN ISO 9001 standard, all their containers and nozzles are made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which is impervious to chemicals, water, solvents, acids and detergents – it’s even food safe – so they can be completely relied on.

The range includes:

  • Oil Drain Can (£24) – a must for any workshop, it makes oil changes much less messy and can be sealed up and taken straight to a local oil collection point – no need to decant into a separate container;
  • Bike Filler (£24) – makes filling with fuel much safer. Designed to fit onto all conventional fuel canisters, it pushes down to pour and automatically stops – like the nozzles used by race teams – so there’s no risk of sloshing petrol over paintwork or a hot engine;
  • Fuel Friends (from £15) – handy 1 and 1.5 litre containers that are compact enough to be stashed in or strapped to luggage, for that horrible feeling when the needle hits the red and there’s no garage in sight.

Alongside keeping the immediate environment clean, Hünersdorff’s products are also kinder to the planet, since HDPE can be made from entirely recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of its working life. Hünersdorff reuse all their production waste, and have energy efficient machinery in their factory too.

To view the complete range visit www.nippynormans.com.

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