Iconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth Shines From Broughs To Bandits

Iconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth Shines From Broughs To BanditsIconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth shines from Broughs to Bandits in £900,000 sale with 75% sales rate.

Most complete and original Brough Superior Combination ever to be offered at auction sells for £66,125.

Sale highlights included a strong selection of rare classic British, German and Japanese motorcycles, from all over Europe.

Mark Bryan Head of Bikes at Iconic Auctioneers, says: “Overall we had a very good sale at a great venue, the market is a little difficult but the demand is still there for the right bikes, we just have to adapt and be realistic on values going forward. See you back at sunny Shuttleworth in July”.

CUS 276  (above) is possibly the most complete and original Brough Superior Combination ever to be offered at auction. This SS80 is matching numbers and is still attached to the Alpine Grand Sport Cruiser ‘Petrol Tube’ sidecar specified when new. First registered in April 1939 by Brough agents, Alexander & Co of Glasgow. It sold for: £66,125 and is heading back to Scotland.

Boxes ticked on the original order form included Monarch forks, sprung wheel rear suspension, Amal touring bars, Wasdell front and Cranford rear guards, all of which are still present and correct. With known history from day one, this outstanding and desirable Brough Combination is a true rarity, seldom seen on the open market and an incredible opportunity.

The SS80 reappeared as part of what became the final range of Brough Superior machines in 1935 with production continuing until 1939.

It utilised the AMC side-valve V-twin, as fitted to the Matchless Model X, though with subtle differences in specification and a crankshaft to Brough’s preferred design. Unusually, Brough offered a range of sidecars, an important market in the 1930s, alongside his distinctive motorcycles. The Alpine Grand Sport Cruiser was built by Brough and utilised a single frame tube which doubled as a spare petrol container, holding over a gallon.

Iconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth Shines From Broughs To Bandits
Lot Number: 719 The London-built Matchless V-Twin 1,000cc side-valve Model X – Sold for: £14,260

Designed for the growing demand for bikes capable of pulling a sidecar, Brough Superior used the Matchless-built 1,000cc engine in the SS80 and SS100 from 1936 to 1940. Sold for: £14,260.

Part of a large private Collection this early, original numbers example is presented in ‘garage find’ condition. It comes fitted to a period aluminium-bodied sidecar.

History file included containing AJS Matchless Owners Club Dating Letter, VMCC valuation, old MOTs, old V5, original RF60 ‘buff’ log book dated 1954 and other associated paperwork. A great restoration opportunity for someone.

Iconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth Shines From Broughs To Bandits

Lot Number: 769 1958 Suzuki SJK Colleda 250TT 247cc -Sold for £13,225

This is the only known Colleda 250TT outside of Japan and is a genuine piece of Japanese Motorcycle history. It is one of only eight known surviving examples of the Colleda 250TT. Sold for: £13,225.

Colleda (Japanese for ‘This Is The One’) started producing bikes under the pre-Suzuki ‘SJK’ brand name in 1954 with the Colleda 90. They manufactured bikes until 1964 and after that were called Suzuki.

The 250TT was undoubtedly the predecessor of the two-stroke, twin-cylinder 250cc range of bikes that would include the Suzuki T20 and GT250.The NASA/Flash Gordon style of design reflected the space race of that period and the Japanese fascination with all things car and bike from the USA

This motorcycle is truly rare with the all the other known examples being in either Japanese museums or collections. Correct numbers and presented in mostly original and unrestored condition, it formed part of a large Japanese collection for some time.

Iconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth Shines From Broughs To Bandits
Lot Number: 753 1986 Suzuki GSX R750G Skoal Bandit 748cc -£14,720

Superbly presented, all original UK Skoal Bandit Suzuki GSX R750G sold for: £14,720

The GSX range was launched in 1985 and is still in production today, Skoal Bandit was the title sponsor of the Heron Suzuki World Motorcycle Championship team during 1985 and 1986.

In 1986, Suzuki UK produced c.50 Dream Machine-painted official Skoal Bandit GSXR750s and c.50 RG500 race replicas sold through the UK dealer network. This GSXR750 example was registered new on 21/06/1986 by Worcester-based Suzuki dealer, John Skellern Motorcycles

Showing 11,512 recorded miles, three previous owners and a valid MOT until June 2024, it comes complete with its original tool kit, two original keys and its original seat currently not fitted.

Iconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth Shines From Broughs To Bandits
1986 Paris – Dakar BMW R80 G/S sold for £21,850

Museum-quality Paris-Dakar BMW R80 G/S. Sold for: £21,850. The BMW R80 G/S was built between 1980 and 1987 and was replaced by the R100 G/S. The limited edition Paris-Dakar bikes were built between 1986 and 1987 as a tribute to the factory winning bikes.

Fitted with the distinctive Paris-Dakar 35-litre ‘Gaston Rahier’ fuel tank, red seat and rear rack, it comes complete with BMW letter of authenticity. This very well restored bike is presented in good running order and has recently formed part of a large private Collection and hardly used. Genuine R80 Paris-Dakar models are now very collectable and sought after. 

Iconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth Shines From Broughs To Bandits
Lot Number: 827 1972 Kawasaki H2A 748cc sold for: £17,250

A super example of Kawasaki’s legendary H2 750cc two-stroke triple. Sold for: £17,250.

The 750cc H2 was introduced in 1971 along with 250cc and 350cc variants and was produced up until 1975. Capable of 0-100mph in only 13 seconds, a frightening prospect in 1971.This, early European spec, this previous Stafford Show display H2A example is presented in restored condition. Correct numbers, in running order and originally registered on the Isle of Man. Finished in the correct Candy Gold and complete with tools and two original keys.

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