Woolich Racing now an official technical partner of WorldSBK 1If you like betting and watching racing, you can enjoy two things at the same time by placing your bets on World Superbike. It is an outstanding, exciting event that will give you lots of impressions and some money if you make the right bet.

About World Superbike (SBK)

It is the worldwide Superbike racing Championship that consists of several rounds conducted on the same racing facilities. Based on the results of rounds, two World Championships are determined — for riders and for manufacturers. All of the motorcycles used in the championship are tuned versions of vehicles available for sales.

Traditional centre of the event is Europe, but it also has taken place in other parts of the world, including the USA, Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Qatar, Russia, and South Africa.

SBK is regulated by International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) that represents 111 motorcycle federations.

What Types of Bets Can Be Placed on World Superbike

You may be surprised, but it can be really challenging to find a bookmaker that has a wide range of coverage of the motorsports because they usually offer just the Moto GP or Formula One. Fortunately, this drawback has been noticed by a variety of new casino, sportsbooks, and some bookmakers. In order to find the best betting website, you should compare the conditions offered by top bookmakers, and if you like their odds and how everything works on the site, you can make up your mind on what exactly you want to place your bet on.

There are several bets that you can make, and all of them allow you to earn different profits.

The following types of bets can be used in World Superbike:

  • Race Winner. Everything is simple about this type of bet — you predict whether a driver wins the race or not;
  • Match Bets. You bet on the driver that you think will achieve the highest race placing;
  • Winning Margin. You are betting on the winning margin to be either above or below a stated total;
  • Fastest Lap. You need to predict what driver will have the fastest lap;
  • Total Finishers. You bet on how many drivers will finish the race.

How to Choose a Bet?

If you are a beginner to the betting world, it is better to choose something simple. You should not place in bet lots of money, but just something to understand how everything works. You should know that it is possible to find some useful tips on the Internet that will help you to choose what is the best to place your bet on.

Those tips can be found right on the website of some of the best bookmakers. You should also check out an opportunity to use the best bookmaker bonuses because this is how you can you can enjoy more benefits.