Intermot: Nolan Collection 2019The new N70-2 X, the first on-off (road and off-road) crossover on the market, and the X-903, with the exclusive magnetic visor assembly system, are here.

Anticipate the needs of motorcyclists and be the first to offer helmets with ever-more avant-garde solutions. A challenge that Nolan Group has been carrying forward since 1972, studying the latest trends and identifying new technology, as well as the best available materials. A challenge which nowadays leads to the creation of “Made in Italy” products that the company exports to more than 80 countries worldwide, with a total of more than 450,000 helmets sold every year.

As confirmation of this ambitious process, for 2019, Nolan Group proposes three new versatile and innovative products: N70-2X, N70-2GT and X-903.

Nolan’s N70-2 X and N70-2 GT models have been created to satisfy the requirements of motorcyclists who use their bikes in ever-increasingly varied situations: from the city to off-road, as well as tourism. N70-2 X is the first on-off (road and off-road) crossover on the market, while the N70-2 GT is a road crossover. Both are characterised by a removable protective chin guard and ultrawide visor, elements which make them unique and versatile.

The X-lite range instead now includes the new X-903, the sport-inspired top-of-the-range full-face touring helmet characterised by the innovative visor mechanism with tilting function and the exclusive MVA (Magnetic Visor Assembly) system.

Lastly, with the Grex brand, Nolangroup seeks to conquer those looking for helmets that offer excellent value for money. There are three new proposals for 2019: a full-face helmet for the road, the G6.2, the G4.1E jet and the G3.1E mini-jet.

The N-Com family has also grown, thanks to the introduction of the B901 X Series (compatible with the X-lite models), and the new B601 series which substitutes the base range of products (B1.4, B1, BX1) and increases performance: new electronic circuit board, new components, and an updated design for the keypads.