Is buying motorbike helmets online the best option for bikers?

Is buying motorbike helmets online the best option for bikers? 1Most bikers will be familiar with the online marketplace when it comes to buying their next helmet. The first point of call when it comes to buying anything nowadays will usually be online, whether it’s just to check prices to get an idea or even to complete the final purchase.

But when it comes to motorbike helmets, extra consideration will usually come into place. First of all, the fit of a helmet is very important. With the average commute to work being 28.1 minutes, that means an average of nearly an hour per day wearing a helmet for motorcycle commuters. For motorcycle tourers, rides of even 1000 miles or more are not uncommon.

This means that a comfortable fit is paramount when choosing a helmet. If the fit is too tight, head and neck fatigue can occur within half an hour of putting the helmet on. According to the NHS website, numerous complications can arise from neck fatigue and neck pain, which makes this a common health and safety concern for bikers.

If the fit is too loose, the helmet will move around on the head, causing discomfort and potentially affecting the rider’s field of vision. Furthermore, helmets are designed from the factory with an optimum degree of ventilation. Without a proper fit, sweat may build up on the inside of the helmet, and the visor may mist up on the inside.

With all of these factors playing into the decision when researching a motorbike helmet, how can you be sure the fit will be correct? The good news for online buyers is that motorbike helmets are designed to adapt to the size and shape of your head by the manufacturer. No two people’s heads are the same, with a great deal of variation particularly in the length of the head.

This means that within the first week of use, the soft foam interior of your helmet will mould and adapt to your particular head shape. All motorbike helmets have a certain breaking-in period, meaning that with use your helmet will essentially become more comfortable over time.

Lots of helmets are also included with adjustable chin straps, and some more high-end helmets have facilities for adjusting the fit from the inside. You’ll want to make sure that you can snugly fit two fingers in the space between the strap and your chin to ensure the best fit.

Taken together, this means that fit usually isn’t much of a concern when buying a motorcycle helmet online. Most people will be best suited to a medium or large helmet, which are manufactured to standard specifications and will be right for the vast majority of riders. The confidence you get when buying a helmet online will usually be bolstered too by the presence of return policies which will allow you to return the item if the fit isn’t quite right.

So what about the price? Online retailers have lower overheads than traditional stores, so they can usually sell their helmets for much less than you’ll find elsewhere. Online sellers also often run promotions with discount codes or vouchers to encourage sales, allowing savvy shoppers to take advantage of even lower prices.

Altogether, this means that bikers have access to more choice, great service and lower prices when buying their helmets online. With these kinds of advantages, lots of bikers undoubtedly will choose to make their purchase online. If not, a good option may be to try visiting a local store to try on a helmet, to make sure you like it, before making the purchase online.