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Ixs Sport Ld Suit Rs-800 1.0 1pcThe one-piece Sport LD Combi RS-800 1.0 from iXS is trimmed for racing use without any compromises. You can rely on the performance and design from the world of racing to give you a shot of adrenaline on a racing track or dynamic experiences on the road. The suit includes a large number of protective and performance innovations from racing and is available from iXS in either calf leather or light kangaroo leather. The ergonomic race-cut fit is extremely comfortable for everyday use. It’s a suit that will share your passion for a sporty ride.

The one-piece Sport LD Combi RS-800 from iXS made of full grain, highly abrasion-resistant calf leather incorporates a genuine racing gene and is also available in kangaroo leather. Designed for the racing circuit where high speeds and an increased willingness to take risks are envisaged, it satisfies the associated high requirements regarding safety. However, not only a guarantee for the best possible protection is needed, but it should also be comfortable to wear with optimal freedom of movement so that you can focus completely on what is happening in a race.

When the suit was being developed, bringing safety and comfort in harmony with each other were of primary importance and this objective led to many additional sophisticated solutions for details that were developed in collaboration with the iXS racers and tested robustly on the racing track. They also included highly functional epaulettes and elbow sliders with interchangeable coloured inserts, which are available in several colours and can therefore be matched to your motorbike or other equipment. A further detail on the suit are zips with an automatic stop on the sleeve and leg closures. They prevent the zip opening of its own accord and therefore suddenly exposing skin when there is a risk of crashing.

The integrated race-cut system (RCS), which creates an excellent ergonomic, crease-free and sporty fit to the body, provides a first-class level of comfort. As far as functionality and safety are concerned, optimised accordion stretch areas made of leather as well as high-quality stretch material ensure full movement exactly where you need it. This means that your body posture always remains in the comfort zone, whatever riding position you assume.

Its breathability is an important aspect for use on a racing circuit. The circulation of air in the one-piece Sport LD Combi RS-800 1.0 is supported by perforated ventilation areas in the front. Furthermore, the 3D-mesh material used on the back provides improved moisture transport, while temperature-balancing Coolmax® lining has a cooling effect giving the rider an optimal body climate. A highlight for an intensive sports season is the removable lining, which can be washed separately. Another indication of its genuine sporty features is the small protuberance on the back, which optimises aerodynamics and provides space to accommodate a drinking system.

The highest priority when developing the suit was safety. Exposed areas are reinforced additionally with two layers of leather. There is padding in the small of the back. The latest level 2 protectors are positioned on the shoulders, elbows, knees and back in line with the highest EC standards and there are level 1 protectors on the hips (combi design tested in accordance with EN 17092-2:2019/20 (AAA). The protector pockets are firmly connected to the outer material to prevent slipping.

The fact that the suit is so comfortable to wear not only pays off on racing circuits but is also worth its weight in gold when you stop for a break. The two-way front zip with concealed a wind strip makes it easy to take a comfort break. Two Napoleon pockets provide space for everything you need to take with you.Ixs Sport Ld Suit Rs-800 1.0 1pc

Sport LD Suit RS-800 1.0 1PC


Recommended Retail Price:
EU/UK: € 849,95
USA: US $ 979.-

black-red-white (321)
black-grey-white (391)

48H-60H, long: 98H-110H

Article N°:  X70617

Ixs Sport Ld Suit Rs-800 1.0 1pcPRODUCT FEATURES
1-piece suit made of bovine nappa leather with preparation for drink system inside the aerodynamic hump

  • Ergonomic, sporty fit (Race-Cut-System RCS)
  • Highly abrasion-resistant, full-grain cowhide
  • Detachable, breathable Coolmax® lining for optimal body climate (separately washable)
  • 3D mesh pocket for back protector for improved moisture transport
  • Perforated leather zones on front area
  • Comfort stretch inserts in the inner arm, on the crotch, back of the knees and calves for more mobility
  • 2-way front zip with concealed wind flap
  • Shoulder caps and sliders with replaceable coloured elements
  • Autolock zippers at cuffs and ankle
  • Aerodynamic hump with preparation for drink system
  • 2 Napoleon pockets
  • Double layers of leather on shoulders, elbows, buttocks and knees
  • Coccyx padding
  • Leather accordion stretch at the shoulders, back, over the knees and in the buttocks area for better movement
  • iXS knee sliders included
  • Protector pockets S / E / K made of leather, firmly attached to the outer material, thereby no slippage of the protectors
  • Chest protectors retrofittable with impacTec XRTP-05R/L, certified according to EN 1621-3:2018, level 2
  • impacTec protectors on shoulders (XTP-01), elbows (XTP-02) and knees (XTP-02XL), certified according to EN 1621-1: 2012, level 2
  • Back protector impacTec TP-06, certified according to EN 1621-2:2014, Level 2
  • Hip protectors impacTec ETP-03, certified according to EN 1621-1:2012, level 1

Shell: bovine leather
Lining: 100% polyester
Contains non-textile parts of animal origin

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