JT Sprockets Extend Range With Rubber Cushioned Front Sprockets and Heavy-Duty X-Ring Chain

Jt Sprockets Extend Range With Rubber Cushioned Front Sprockets And Heavy-duty X-ring ChainJT Sprockets, the world leader in motorcycle drive train components, has launched two new motorcycle aftermarket products; a wide range of “RB” Rubber Cushioned front sprockets and an all-new Z3 GS super heavy-duty motorcycle chain.
Alongside designing and producing over 18 million sprockets a year for all makes and models of motorcycles and ATVs, JT Sprockets also features as ‘original equipment’ applications for some of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. The current range includes over 2,500 types of steel and aluminium sprockets, chains and associated products.
With RB type rubber cushioned sprockets widely used by major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, JT can now boast the most comprehensive aftermarket application line-up for this high mileage product. Designed to dampen the chain impact on the front sprocket, the dual-sided rubber cushion is a one-piece moulding produced by utilising ‘through holes’ in the sprocket, the rubber is bonded with state-of-the-art impact and vibration resistant adhesives to ensure maximum lifespan.
The sprockets themselves are manufactured from the highest quality SCM420 chromoly steel alloy which is then heat treated and finished for optimum durability. Every sprocket goes through up to 25 production stages and 10 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory; achieving the highest quality standards.
The level of quality, design and OEM proven technology are the same as used by all the major motorcycle manufacturers within their genuine replacement parts but available in a cost-effective package.
JT Sprockets has also launched its strongest ever chain; the Z3 GS super heavy duty chain, featuring gold colour plated outer plates and bright nickel plated inner plates for superior corrosion resistance and the ultimate in appearance. The Z3 GS chain is engineered for maximum strength, durability, and offers high performance for all modern motorcycles up to 1400cc.
The Z3 X-Ring chain is available in 520, 525 and 530 sizes for a wide selection of machines including Superbikes, Cruisers, Sports Tourers, ATV`s and Adventure motorcycles.
With leading edge technology and using only the highest grade of special steel alloys, JT Sprockets produce a full range of superior quality motorcycle chains. The specifications of all its advanced power transfer chains meet or exceed the requirements of all modern motorcycles for street, road racing, MX, enduro, and ATV use.
All JT products are available at highly competitive prices through the comprehensive JT dealer network. Find out more at www.jtsprockets.com

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