Despite missing out on the boost usually provided by trade fairs, KAPPA is upholding its commitment to developing fresh ideas for motorcycle and scooter riders and launching them on the market in line with the customary calendar in the world of two-wheeled vehicles. So, here are a few of the innovative products that the brand is bringing out for the new season. We’ve picked out a new pair of helmets for adults and kids; the K’FORCE line of top-of-the-range KAPPA aluminium cases; and two accessories: the KS604 latest-generation heated handlebar grips and the KS904B original stand for attaching smartphones or other devices to the dashboard. 

Kappa News 2021KV41 and KJ04

The perfect pairing for big and little bikers 

KAPPA’s range of full-face helmets gets dressed up in fresh graphics that look like they were made for each other. “DALLAS SCRAPS” and “BOOM PROX” are the latest versions of the KV41 and KJ04 models, designed for parents and kids who love to stand out… in the saddle!

After DALLAS PIXEL, DALLAS BASIC, DALLAS SIMPLE and DALLAS SIMPLE LADY, the four styles in which the KV41 is already available, comes a fifth version: DALLAS SCRAPS. It is characterised by sharp, jagged lines, geometric shapes, highly contrasting colours on a dark background and a metallic finish.

This model also boasts advanced technical features: a Pinlock 70-ready visor, a smoked sun visor, a ventilation system with 2 air vents in the front (forehead and chin guard) + a rear extractor, a nose guard, a wind deflector, and a micrometric strap closure.

Meanwhile, the KJ04 full-face helmet for mini-motorcycle lovers has taken on fresh “BOOM PROX” graphics, which echo the bold style and contrast between black and bright shades from the adults’ version, with the addition of patches featuring a re-imagined camouflage design, evoking the digital world through a “pixellated” effect.


KV41 DALLAS SCRAPS – Weight: 1.49kg ± 50g. Shell: thermoplastic material. Interior: hypoallergenic, removable and washable. Sizes: from 54 (XS) to 63 (XXL) Colours: Glossy black/Titanium/Yellow; Matte Titanium/Blue; Matte Titanium/Red.

KJ04 BOOM PROX – Weight: 1.19kg ± 50g. Shell: thermoplastic material. Interior: hypoallergenic, removable and washable. Ventilation system: 1 upper air vent, 1 chin guard air vent, 1 rear extractor. Fastening: micrometric strap. Sizes: 50 (JS), 52 (JM) and 54 (JL). Colours: Matte Black/Red; Matte Black/Yellow. 

Kappa News 2021K’FORCE

For those who refuse to compromise 

The most “extreme” set of aluminium side and top cases ever made by KAPPA for modern maxi-enduros. Completely Made in Italy, with a patented design and PREMIUM product characteristics.

The side case is the star of this new set: firstly, because it is the first KAPPA case to make use of the super-strong MONOKEY CAM SIDE fixing system with 4 anchor points, providing security even in off-road situations; and secondly, because it is sold in pairs or alone, with a choice between two finishes (Natural and Black) and two internal volumes (36 and 48 LTR). The latter option meets the needs of maxi enduro-users who wish to have a different size on each side, in cases where the exhaust pipe is located high up on one side of the motorcycle.

 K’FORCE cases have aluminium bodies, stainless steel hinges and belt-strap loops, and reinforced technopolymer for the profiles and corners. The 48 LTR case is big enough to store a modular helmet.

Three top cases have also recently joined the K’FORCE line, all made from the same materials as the side cases and also available in two finishes… but with an extra option when it comes to the internal volume, available as 42 LTR, 48 LTR, or a whopping 58 LTR. For the top case fixing system, KAPPA has opted for the incomparable reliability of MONOKEY. Those who love to customise their ride will find plenty of optional accessories dedicated to this impressive trio of cases in the KAPPA catalogue.

The entire K’FORCE range is completely “Made in Italy”

ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL DETAILS: Side case dimensions in cm (HxWxD): 48 LTR (38.7×49.5×30.6). 37 LTR (38.7×49.5×24.6). Maximum load: 10kg (excluding the weight of the case). Locking mechanism: Security Lock.

Top case dimensions in cm (HxWxD): 58 LTR (32.3×55.5×45.4). 48 LTR (32.2×45.5×48). 42 LTR (32.3×40.9×45.4). Maximum load: 10kg (excluding the weight of the top case). Locking mechanism: Security Lock. The 58 and 48 LTR top cases can hold a pair of modular helmets; the smallest one can hold a single modular helmet. 

Kappa News 2021KS604

No more cold hands!

Get the most out of your bike even during winter… just make sure to keep your hands nice and warm! You can, thanks to Kappa’s KS604, a pair of universal heated handlebar grips which easily adapt to the handlebar of any motorcycle or scooter. They are connected to the vehicle battery and offer 4 different temperature settings.  

Those who can’t stay out of the saddle even when the temperature drops will know that the hands are the most exposed parts of the body and the most vulnerable to the cold.

KAPPA has provided a definitive solution with the KS604 pair of heated handmuffs. Thanks to the heat generated swiftly and safely by these accessories, you can stick to light gloves even in winter, which in turn improves your sensitivity to the controls.

Once the handmuffs have been connected directly to the vehicle battery through the cables provided as standard, or to the Kappa Power Hub kit through a USB lead (KS110 + KS111, available separately), they take just 3 minutes to heat up after switching them on. There are four temperature settings, which can be adjusted using the light-up switch on the outside.

They are quick and easy to attach to the handlebar — without needing to remove the handlebar balancers — using the adjustable straps provided, which can adapt to almost all two-wheeled vehicles. KAPPA’s YouTube channel features a tutorial which explains the assembly and electrical connection procedure in detail.

Safety is guaranteed by the type of heating element used inside the handlebar covers, which is fully isolated and protected from the polyester padding and produces heat without causing any problems in relation to flexibility or overheating. In addition, the low voltage rules out any kind of electrical risks.

ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL DETAILS: Outer and inner material: 100% polyester. Heat settings: 4 different temperature levels, indicated by the colour of the light-up switch on the outside. Operation: connected directly to the vehicle battery using the cable kit provided and operated using the light-up switch on the outside; alternatively, they can be connected to the KAPPA Power Hub kit through a USB (available separately). Colours: Black.

Kappa News 2021KS904B

Attach your device to the brake fluid reservoir

A stand-out among the latest innovations from KAPPA is this universal stand, which enables smartphones, GPS devices and motorway toll payment devices to be attached directly to the brake fluid reservoir.  

The screw-on cap of brake fluid reservoirs on the handlebar provides a handy platform, so why not use it?

Kappa has done just that with the KS904B, a stand which consists of three distinct parts:

the black machined aluminium base; the cast aluminium central part, protected by a galvanised coat; and the ball joint encased in the latter, made from fibreglass-reinforced technopolymer through a double injection technique.

The manufacturing process is completely “Made in Italy”: a technical description which provides a necessary indication of the product’s construction quality, so that you can feel confident in trusting it with the costly electronic devices which have become so indispensable to every part of our daily lives, both at work and during leisure time.

The KS904B is compatible with KAPPA device holders from the KS95_B line (essentially all of the brand’s smartphone and GPS device holders, which currently number 8 different models) as well as the S604K, the new universal case which holds European motorway toll payment devices). 

The versatility of the rotating head means the cases can be positioned along two axes, so you can find the most convenient placement.

To use this new accessory, it must be paired with the specific _VKITK mounting kits.

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